Voter Receipt Program

Make Your Receipt (MYR)

Stop Voting Fraud Dead In Its Tracks Now!


If the GOP-controlled-Congress and state and county officials continue to refuse to purchase voting machines that issue a receipt, as is likely, we can still stop election fraud in 2006 and 2008 dead in its tracks by simply issuing our own election receipts. The 2006 election will only have Senators and members of the House as well as some important State positions.

What's required is this: you and each voter will fill his or her own receipt out and hand it to the Democractic Party Poll Watcher, designated the Vote Receipt Holder at each precinct in America. If exit polls indicate a problem, or if poll workers and watchers see evidence of vote counting misrepresentations, the receipts can be counted and if they differ from the "official" results of the precinct, county, or state, individual candidates and/or any voter or group of voters or party can file a lawsuit immediately--based upon the receipt count as evidence that all the votes were not counted! Also, the voter receipts will be evidence of a crime for the FBI or state officials to investigate. Sign up if you're willing to help!


What you can do: Sign up with us so we can contact you with news about this Voter Receipt Program. The important thing now is for Americans to think in terms of self-made receipts. Send your receipt or the link to this page to everyone: every member of Congress, (go here for a list of email addresses for seven progressive Senators and here for a short list of U.S. House Representatives) send to everyone on your e-mail list, to Air America, and radio and TV stations and newspapers and print media, and ask the Democratic Party and Howard Dean to get behind this! (Go here for a list of organizations and some folks with clout) and Make it a real movement for free elections!

Click here if you would like to see a PDF copy of the sample receipt below.










In the County of___________, In the State of___________


I, ____________________________________ do declare and solemnly swear or affirm

under penalty of perjury that I am a resident of the state of _______________and that

below is a true and correct copy of my ballot cast for the offices listed and cast in

the November 2, 2008 election.


Print Candidate's Names:

For President and Vice President I voted for: _________________________

For Senator to the U.S. Senate, I voted for: __________________________

For House of Representatives, I voted for: ___________________________


Sign your name:

____________________________________and Enter the date ___________________.






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Door to Fraud Free Elections

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Watchdog Group Challenges Election
Results With A Sworn Receipt System
A Test Run of How a Voters Receipt Program
Can Work?
Major concerns are coming from Brina-Rae
Schuchman and the Citizens Audit Parallel
Election project group in San Diego, California.

At the July election, the non-partisan group camped
outside polling booths. After voters cast a vote inside,
they were asked to vote a second time outside, swearing
the votes they cast were the same. This was all done to
check the reliability of the Diebold tabulating machine.



LINK to a Woman's Group Supporting Election Reform:
Here's a link to an important vehicle for expressing support
for election reform. It is now a click away on the website of
Women Progressive Activists Founded in January of 2000
in Ann Arbor, MI, to protest election theft, WPA has made
election reform its central project. Among the several
essential provisions within the Count Every Vote Act, a
ban on political activity by elections officials addresses
issues raised in Florida, Ohio--and Michigan--where
Secretaries of State also chaired Elect Bush committees.



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