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Articles on the New Medicare Law and how
It defrauds the elderly and how AARP helped it
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The Winter of Our Discontent: The New
Medicare Prescription Drug Law and the story of
how AARP betrayed its members.
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Read the legal implications stemming from the "Downing
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Mr. Bonifaz cites John Dean's book, Worse than Watergate,
but click on the title to read John Dean's earlier essay,
"Is Lying About the Reason for War an Impeachable Offense?'

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Democrats Take Control
of the Senate

by Liz Sidoti and Bob Lewis

Democrats wrested control of the Senate from
Republicans Wednesday with an upset victory in
Virginia, giving the party complete domination of
Capitol Hill for the first time since 1994.



Democrats Make Virtual Sweep in Ohio

By Peter Slevin

At the top of the ticket, social conservative J.
Kenneth Blackwell fared worse than any GOP
candidate for governor here since 1912. The
Republican defeat in a state that carried President
Bush to victory just two years ago was a product
of a toxic political environment and a pair of
disciplined Democratic campaigns by Rep.
Ted Strickland, elected governor, and Rep.
Sherrod Brown, who beat DeWine.


Watching Lebanon
Washington’s interests in Israel’s war.
The New Yorker

The Bush Administration...was closely involved
in the planning of Israel’s retaliatory attacks.
President Bush and Vice-President Dick Cheney
were convinced, current and former intelligence and
diplomatic officials told me, that a successful Israeli
Air Force bombing campaign against Hezbollah’s
heavily fortified underground-missile and command-
and-control complexes in Lebanon could ease Israel’s
security concerns and also serve as a prelude to a
potential American preëmptive attack to destroy Iran’s
nuclear installations, some of which are also
buried deep underground.



500,000 Protest Bush
Immigration Proposal

Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators
protested moves to impose stricter U.S.
immigration laws in California on Saturday,
while President Bush urged wary Republicans
to take up his proposal. The Los Angeles Police
Department told NBC News that an estimated
500,000 protesters clogged the streets in front
of Los Angeles city hall to protest a proposed
law they see as punitive to undocumented workers.
“This bill is wrong because this is a country fo
everybody who wants to live a better life and
this is a free world,” said protester Lionel
Vanegas, who owns an accounting firm.



Congress vs. Bush
Lawmakers on both sides of the
aisle are taking on the president
over terrorism and American power.
By Gail Russell Chaddock
Republican lawmakers are moving into
open confrontation with the White House
on everything from its conduct of the war
on terrorism - at home and abroad - to its
vision of American power.




Bush Ratings Continue to
Drop to New Lows
NBC/WSJ poll: Majority now prefer a
Democrat-controlled Congress
By Mark Murray
WASHINGTON - The latest NBC News/Wall
Street Journal poll might sound like a broken
record, but the tune grows louder as congressional
midterm elections get closer and closer: President
Bush is once again facing the lowest job approval
rating of his presidency, the lowest percentage of
Americans who believe the country is headed in the
right direction, and an electorate that greatly prefe
a Democratic-controlled Congress over a Republican-
controlled one.


Senate Strips Habeas Corpus
Rights of U.S. Detainees
November 11, 2005
The Senate voted Thursday to strip captured
"enemy combatants" at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba,
of the principal legal tool given to them last year
by the Supreme Court when it allowed them to
challenge their detentions in United States courts.


Politics of Ignorance:
Creation Science: Intelligent Design
by Sam Harris
President Bush has now endorsed the pseudo-
scientific notion of "intelligent design" (ID) and
declared it to be a legitimate alternative to the
theory of evolution. This is not surprising, as he
has always maintained that "the jury is still out"
on the question of evolution. But the jury is not out --
indeed it was well in before President Bush was
even born -- and anyone familiar with modern biology
knows that ID is nothing more than a program of
political and religious advocacy masquerading
as science.



Politicized Scholars
Put Evolution on the Defensive
When President Bush plunged into the
debate over the teaching of evolution,
saying, "both sides ought to be properly
taught," he seemed to be reading from
the playbook of the Discovery Institute,
the conservative think tank that is at the
helm of this newly volatile frontier in the
nation's culture wars.



The Swift Boating of Cindy
By Frank Rich
Once Ms. Sheehan could no longer be
ignored, the Swift Boating began.
Character assassination is the Karl
Rove tactic of choice, eagerly mimicked
by his media surrogates, whenever the
White House is confronted by a critic
who challenges it on matters of war.




Sandstorm In Iraq
by Peggy Gish
Christian Peacemaker Teams
8 August, 2005

We wake up to the dull orange sky
hanging thickly all around the earth,
dimming the sun. Every breath we
take is one full of dust. Buildings across
the street are hidden in the haze. During
the night, a dust storm has rolled into
Beautiful prose!



Raped, Kidnapped and Silenced
Last fall I wrote about Mukhtaran Bibi, a woman
who was sentenced by a tribal council in Pakistan
to be gang-raped because of an infraction
supposedly committed by her brother. Four
men raped Ms. Mukhtaran, then village leaders
forced her to walk home nearly naked in front
of a jeering crowd of 300. Ms. Mukhtaran was
supposed to have committed suicide. Instead,
with the backing of a local Islamic leader,
she fought back and testified against her
persecutors. Six were convicted.




A Policy of Rape
All countries have rapes, of course. But here in the
refugee shantytowns of Darfur, the horrific stories
that young women whisper are not of random
criminality but of a systematic campaign of rape
to terrorize civilians and drive them from "Arab lands"
- a policy of rape. One measure of the international
community's hypocrisy is that the world is barely
bothering to protest.




U.S. Raped Women Soldiers
Denied Health Services by GOP
Showing bad timing as well as bad judgment,
House Republicans chose the days before this
weekend's Memorial Day holiday to deny needed
health services to women serving the nation in
the military who have been raped.



Read Greg Palast's
"Testimony to Rep. Conyers"
on the other Memos'. Excellent
Time-line reporting.



Bush's Ownership
A Bush campaign ad
pushes the theme of an "ownership
society," and concludes with President
Bush declaring, "I understand if you own
something, you have a vital stake in the
future of America." By Paul Krugman



Taxes for an Ownership Society
When President Bush talks about an "ownership
society," hold on to your wallet. In tax terms, it
means only one thing: the further reduction, if not
the elimination, of taxes on savings and investments,
including taxes on dividends and on capital gains
on stocks, bonds and real estate. That, in turn,
means - by definition - a shift in the tax burden
onto wages and salary - or, put more simply,
a wage tax.



by Sheila Samples, a tough minded look
at the intent of the Bush administration and
a revealing analysis of the danger America is



Has the US War with Iran
Already Begun?
By Scott Ritter

Americans, along with the rest of the world,
are starting to wake up to the uncomfortable
fact that President George Bush not only lied
to them about the weapons of mass destruction
in Iraq (the ostensible excuse for the March 2003
invasion and occupation of that country by US
forces), but also about the very process that
led to war.




Bush and the Blastocysts
Or How to Cure the Snowflake Baby
By Pamela A. Kraemer
Mr. Bush has taken an anti-Christian position
again. He wages war on real life while pretending
he serves life by adopting a culture of petrie dish
preservation! Mr. Bush is not pro-life at all--he's
pro-birth and then he's anti-life after that! That
is not a Christian position.


Pour on the Media!
By Robert Parry
June 10, 2005
So what’s made the difference?

As George W. Bush’s poll numbers sink to his
personal lows and the mainstream news media
finally reports on the Downing Street Memo,
what political factors should get the credit for
these changes?



Do Tax Cuts for the Wealthy
Stimulate Employment?
By Robert H. Frank
The centerpiece of the Bush administration's
economic policy has been large federal income
tax cuts aimed mainly at top earners. These tax
cuts account for much of the $2 trillion increase
in the national debt projected to occur during the
Bush presidency. They prompted a large group of
Nobel laureates in economics to issue a statement
ast year condemning the administration's "reckless
and extreme course that endangers the long-term
economic health of our nation."



Bush's Iraq Speech Fails on All
America Yawns at Bush and Rove!
By Gerald Rellick

George Bush had a bad week. He gave a major
speech on Tuesday in an effort to bolster support
for the war in Iraq, but by week’s end, judging from
a number of indicators, he clearly failed in this effort.



A Yurica Report Lampoon
Astrology: You and Your Sign
By Pamela Kramer



Senate Issues Apology Over
Failure Pass Anti-Lynching Laws
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg
The formal apology, adopted by voice vote,
with twenty Senators refusing to sign on,
was issued decades after senators blocked
anti-lynching bills by filibuster. The resolution
is the first time that members of Congress,
who have apologized to Japanese-Americans
for their internment in World War II and to
Hawaiians for the overthrow of their kingdom,
have apologized to African-Americans for any
reason, proponents of the measure said.



Feeling the Heat

President Bush has been running from the
issue of global warming for four years, but
the walls are closing in. Scientists throughout
the world are telling him that the rise in
atmospheric temperature justifies aggressive




Could It Be, the Senators
Have Discovered This?
Important Evidence Against

Bolton Surfaces: He Faces New Charges
Larry Flynt: Bush UN nominee won't answer
questions about troubled marriage
Corroborated allegations that Mr. Bolton’s first
wife, Christina Bolton, was forced to engage in
group sex have not been refuted by the State
Department despite inquires posed by Hustler
magazine publisher Larry Flynt concerning the



United's Pension Debacle
On Tuesday, when it received a federal bankruptcy
court's permission to terminate its pension plans,
United Airlines became the biggest pension defaulter
in the history of corporate America. Analysts fear that
Delta may also default, as well as other ailing airlines,
followed by auto parts companies and perhaps even,
in five years or so, the carmakers themselves.



Paul O'Neill Speaks Out on CBS
Former Secretary of Treasury tells Leslie Stahl
that Bush was disengaged on domestic issues
in Cabinet meetings. O'Neill said Bush ordered
the war with Iraq from day one of his presidency.



Transcript of Diane Sawyer's
Interview with George W. Bush.
Is the interview disturbing? Can you
honestly say that the President of the
United States knows the difference between
falsity and truth based on his responses to
Diane's questions?


Bush On Meet the Press
Read it for yourself. How articulate
is the President of the United States? Based
on this interview, should he be re-elected?
Interview with Tim Russert on NBC's
Meet the Press


The President's Claims
vs. Facts on Meet the Press
The Center for American Progress,
follows up on the President's
statements. Keep score for freedom's
sake. Help your neighbors. Read this


Hijacking Catastrophe
Fahrenheit 9/11 And Then Some
Robert Jensen writes a review of a new documentary.
Fahrenheit 9/11 stirred up emotions about the war in
Iraq, but Hijacking Catastrophe arms us with an
understanding of how we got there. Moore avoided
discussing the real reasons the Bush administration
invaded Iraq--this film tackles it.



House Ethics Committee Criticizes
House Majority Leader Tom DeLay,
admonished by the House ethics committee
for acting improperly by trying to persuade a
Michigan Republican to change his vote on a
Medicare prescription drug bill, could face
another investigation by the panel.
Read the Press Release
Read the actual Ethics Committee Report
in a pdf. file.
Read each of the 24 Exhibits to the Report


Bush Using Drugs to Control
Depression, Erratic Behavior
Editor, Capitol Hill Blue
President George W. Bush is taking powerful
anti-depressant drugs to control his erratic
behavior, depression and paranoia.



Bush's Erratic Behavior
Worries White House Aides

The president has been exhibiting
increasingly erratic behavior and wide
mood swings, which have caused
aides to be concerned about Mr.
Bush's state of mind. by Doug
Thompson of Capitol Hill Blue.



Civil Service & the EPA
Are we witnessing
the destruction of the Civil
Service System?
Did you
know that over 850,000 jobs
are being delivered to private
corporations, enabling corporate
interests to regulate themselves?

Read Anne-Marie Cusac's out-
standing investigative article
"Outsourcing Fraud."



Read What Tom DeLay
Hath Wrought
Paul Krugman of the New York Times gives
a chilling analysis of Tom DeLay's powerful machine.
Starting with the collapse of Enron, Krugman shows
we now have "direct evidence" that energy
companies artificially drove up prices during
California's energy crisis. Enrons collapse also
provides documentation of Tom DeLay's power
and corruption. A must read.



When Workers Die:
New York Times's reporter David
Barstow reveals one of the most graphic
illustrations of America's turn to an
evil and calloused indifference toward
Workers, an endangered species.


The 2004 Campaign


First Debate: It Was A Rout! How Bush
Made America Weaker
by Katherine Yurica.
We all saw the next president of the United States.
He is a plain spoken man. There are no frills, no
bells, and no fabrications.


The American Conservative
Endorses John Kerry
"Bush has behaved like a caricature of what a
right-wing president is supposed to be, and
his continuation in office will discredit any
sort of conservatism for generations. The
launching of an invasion against a country
that posed no threat to the U.S., the doling
out of war profits and concessions to politically
favored corporations, the financing of the war
by ballooning the deficit to be passed on to
the nation’s children..."


The Venerable N.Y. Times
Endorses Kerry for President
He has qualities that could be the basis
for a great chief executive, not just a
modest improvement on the incumbent.



Pat Robertson Says Bush
Predicted No Iraq Casualties!
Two stories: CNN writes that Pat had
deep misgivings over the war, and asked
Bush to prepare America for casualties.
However, Bush replied, "There aren't going
to be any casualties." Read both articles
here: on one page.



GOP Deregulates Every Type of
Gun in D.C. Making it a Wide Open City
The nation's capital city will soon suffer a brazen
insult at the hands of the House of Representatives
as a legislative majority prepares to vote for the
decontrol of guns in the city - that's right, a majority
of lawmakers, sworn to "insure domestic tranquillity"
for the nation, would make D.C. stand for Dodge City.



GOP Funded Organization
Destroys Democrats' Registrations
Raises the issue of conspiracy to prevent
citizens from voting.


Bush vs. Kerry
Head to Head on Medicare
And Social Security
There is a vast difference between
the two candidates: one wants to
privatize social security, the other
doesn't. One is proud of charging
seniors more money for drugs--the
other wants to change the medicare
prescription drug law to gain real
benefits for seniors. Adapted from
AARP's article in the Bulletin, with
editorial changes that make the
playing field a little more even, don't
miss this revealing comparison. In
a PDF file.


The Case Against Bush
Ten Reasons America Needs A Change:
George W. Bush has been a busy boy these past
four years. Because his Administration's policies
are so radical and his attempts to change our
country so far-reaching, it is sometimes difficult
to remember them all. Here's a summary of why
Bush and his gang must go.



Hallelujah! Bill Clinton
Preached at Riverside Church
In New York City
And taught a
brand new lesson in Bible 101. Yep.
You all come on over and read this
article written by the GOP.


9/11 pollution 'could
cause more deaths than attack'
Up to 400,000 New Yorkers breathed in
the most toxic polluting cloud ever recorded
after the twin towers were brought down
three years ago...The US government
study provides the latest evidence of a
systematic cover-up


We’re Not in Lake Wobegon Anymore
How did the Party of Lincoln and Liberty
transmogrify into the party of Newt Gingrich’s
evil spawn...? Garrison Keillor



White House is Blocking Dem Donor
The White House has refused to promote a key
official at the Department of Health and Human
Services (HHS) who has worked on healthcare
problems confronting Iraq and Afghanistan
because he once contributed to the Democratic


GOP Must Stop Bush
by Carl Bernstein. Thirty years ago,
a Republican president, facing impeachment
by the House of Representatives and conviction
by the Senate, was forced to resign because
of unprecedented crimes he and his aides com-
mitted against the Constitution and people
of the United States.


Ron Reagan's Analysis of
George W. Bush
"You could feel,
a couple of months back, as summer
spread across the country, the ground
shifting beneath your feet. Not unlike
that scene in The Day After Tomorrow,
then in theaters, in which the giant ice
shelf splits asunder, this was more a
paradigm shift than anything strictly
tectonic. No cataclysmic ice age,
admittedly, yet something was in
the air, and people were inhaling deeply."


Republican Convention:
Religious right leaders told to
stay home.


Seeing Fahrenheit 9/11
Through the Eyes of an Artist
by Katherine Yurica
The film is entertaining in that the events
on the screen did not appear to be
“documentary” in nature—rather they
were riveting, much as a good
suspense/action film unfolds
before the viewer’s eyes.


A British General's View
of Fahrenheit 9/11 Here is no
Churchill or Thatcher


The Fate of America's Public
Are you discouraged by
the political power of the radical Wingers in
America who seem to want to deny Americans
freedom of thought, speech and expression?
Read this exchange of letters between a television
executive and the Yurica Report's publisher,
Katherine Yurica.


PLUS: Are Republican "Wingers"
Striving to Control Public Broadcasting?
At a meeting of producers and filmmakers in New
York in March, one producer drew sustained
applause for complaining that the Corporation for
Public Broadcasting was asking filmmakers "to
do the bidding of the Pentagon."



Kerry on the Media
Kerry's quest for information
differs dramatically to George W. Bush's
policy of allowing his aides to decide
what's important and what is not.
by John Nichols


Another Bushism
To print out and save for your
grandchildren to read when no
one in the future
will believe it!



Bush Guts Tuberculosis
Tuberculosis had sneaked up again, reappearing
with alarming frequency across the United States.
The government began writing rules to protect five
million people whose jobs put them in special
danger. Bush canceled the rules that would
save lives.



Bush's message on
economy takes beating:
weak job growth, high
oil prices, slumping
stocks seen aiding Kerry
President Bush’s election-year message
that the economy is strong and “gettin
stronger” is being shaken


Bad News on the
Job Front
There is no sugarcoating the
employment report.



Let Them Eat War
A sociologist examines why blue collar
men are poised to keep George W. Bush
in office when they stand to lose the most
from virtually all his policies. Workers,
an endangered species.



The New York City
Peaceful Protest Events Start
I'm here in New York City, already deep in
the organizing for the Republican National
Convention protests. I'll soon be sending
out updates, if not daily, at least periodically.
What we're trying to do is to create an action
that is a strong, clearly nonviolent civil
disobedience, that can reflect something
of the vision of the world. See our agenda



F.B.I. Goes After
Political Troublemakers
by Eric Lichtblau The FBI has been
questioning political demonstrators
across the country.



How Jack Kennedy Defined
the Term 'Liberal'
And A Letter From a Reader



Georgetown Professor
Accuses Bill O'Reilly of Lying
An Amy Goodman transcript reveals
the truth about O'Reilly's show.



Why the Education Secretary
Should Be Fired
By Katherine Yurica
It was too revealing. It wasn't just a "poor choice
of words," as Secretary of Education Rod Paige
characterized his remarks that the largest
teacher's union in America is a "terrorist



The War President
Waged a War of Lies
Eric Margolis of the Toronto Sun
drives home the facts: Jimmy Carter
accused Bush of waging a war of lies.
Poland's president said he was
"deceived," a group of leading"
American business men ran a
full page ad in the N.Y. Times



John F. Kerry and Charisma
by Katherine Yurica
Does he have it? Charisma is elusive. It seems to
choose those whom it will grace. Yet John Kerry
strides across this nation's stage at an hour when
darkness and hatred is prevalent. Gone are the words
"brotherhood," and "love thy neighbor as thyself."
Instead lessons on tactical political warfare are
distributed by earnest believers in the politics of
dominance. Is Kerry too late?



William Jefferson Clinton Phoenix
Flies Again And An Old Owl Tells the
Southern Baptists to Reject the Gospel of
Political Power.
By Katherine Yurica
While Bill Clinton flies again, President Bush
is desperately seeking the aid of the Vatican
and the 16 million votes of the Southern Baptists.
Bush is asking clergymen everywhere to convince
their congregations to re-elect Bush. His greatest
problem, however, is how to convince America's
Christians that his record of preemptive warfare
and helping the rich at the expense of the poor
is the personification of Jesus' teachings. And
his second greatest problem is how to convince
Christians that his team of old arrogrant crows
are actually the personification of Jesus' humility
and grace. Is it too late to teach old crows
ethics and kindness?



Planet Reagan
William Rivers Pitt pens a truthful
analysis of Reagan's legacy



What Is Contempt of
Congress and What are
the Penalties?

Contempt of Congress is initiated
by a resolution from the affected
congressional committee. The
resolution must then be adopted.



Bush Lawyers Seek to
Gag FBI Translator over 9/11
Bush administration Justice Department
is seeking to stop translator from



Translator With Top
Secret Clearance Saw Papers
that revealed al-Quaida was planning to
attack cities with airplanes.


Republican Exclusions
Cause Democrats to Play a New
Senate Democrats have outsmarted
and out manuvered Republicans who have
followed an exclusionary policy making
it impossible for Democrats to serve on
Conference Committees. The Gander Gambit



Bush's War Against
Abortion and Privacy Rights:
For months in federal courts the right
to have an abortion has been on trial.
The Bush administration Justice Dept.
does not recognize a physician-patient
privilege. Thousands of medical histories
have been subpoenaed and delivered
to the Justice Dept. for the purpose of
proving that a partial-birth abortion is
never necessary. Women's rights
are being eroded on a daily basis.



Condi's Credibility Gap
Stun your local television station: send
them the list of Condi's claims contrasted
with the hard facts. Whether she had
constructive or actual knowledge makes
no difference. The lady doesn't tell it like
it was.


Rice's Testimony
Point by point, claim by claim, Condi
Rice's testimony is examined.
Was perjury committed?


Rice Focused on Missiles
not terrorism prior to 9/11. Rice' speeches
evidence focus wasn't on terrorism.
Washington Post Reveals truth


the Schools:
appointed by Republicans
to the federal courts are chipping
away at integration. Blacks are
being marched back into segregated
schools, step by step. Bob Herbert



Who Is Bush's Brain?
Excerpts from a BUZZFLASH no-holds
barred interview with James Moore co-
author of Bush's Brain focusing on
Moore's observations of Karl Rove's
dedication to Machiavellian tactics.
Rove goes where no angel treads.


The Truth About Bias and the News
Eric Alterman's book, What Liberal Media?
reveals data that debunks many of the
current inflammatory accusations and
uncovers who the media serves
and why.


Americans suffer more
than 14,000 casualties in Iraq

Between 14,000 and 22,000 military
men and women have been medically
evacuated. David H. Hackworth,
one of America's most decorated
Viet Nam heroes reports the truth .



The Army Times calls Bush
Administration's military cut-backs
'An act of ‘betrayal'
War on Benefits:
"Commissaries and the
Defense Department’s stateside schools are
in the crosshairs of Pentagon budget cutters,
and military advocates, families and even base
commanders are up in arms. The Defense
Department’s current initiatives to close some
commissaries and possibly cede control of its
stateside schools are the latest in a string of
recent actions by Bush administration and
Pentagon officials to cut back on, or block
growth in, military pay and benefits."
Read the scathing editorial published in July.



Marine Corps Lawyer
Speaks Against Tribunals
Maj. Michael Mori blasted the
Bush military commissions


Bush's joke of not finding weapons
of mass destruction is not funny. An Iraq
war veteran said, "George Bush
insulted veterans."


Zany: In Iraq, It's Already Two
Days From Now In the age of terrorism,
the rule is: celebrate early, if at all
by Terry Jones


Transcript of Sen. Edward
speech on the Bush Administration
Policies in Iraq. Never has a State
of the Union speech been so disgraced
by such blatant falsehoods.


The President's Testimony
The strange presidential condition that Bush
will only testify in concert with Vice President



President's Attempt to Shake
Up Education is Facing Protests
Oklahoma state legislators are so unhappy with
President Bush's No Child Left Behind school
program that they are calling on Congress to
overhaul it.



Is the fate of truth itself at
Stake in America?
Ira Chernus



What Has Happened to the
American Press?
An interview
with Harpers Magazine Publisher



Bush Admin. Don't See
Any Dead People
Maureen Dowd writes that it is unhealthy
to censor the ugly realities of war
and refuse to rethink bad assumptions.




Democrat Files Ethics
Complaint Against Tom DeLay
by Sheryl Gay Stolberg



Post-Election Cuts in
Programs Uncovered--What?
A Forked Tongue Prez?
Last week the Washington Post got
hold of an Office of Management and
Budget memo that directed federal
agencies to prepare for post-election
cuts in programs George Bush has
been touting on the campaign trail.



Master Machiavellianism
The science of how to win elections
and how to manage the ruling of a nation
after winning has never been honed any finer than
the Karl Rove-Bush-Machiavellian White House.
Find out what the Democrats don't know
about "framing issues." From BUZZFLASH,
by Rebecca Knight



What the President Left Out
The president's State of the Union address
in 2004 covered up festering American



Present GOP Political Gerrymandering
& Why It Threatens American Democracy
Has the science of computerized statistics become
so advanced that the future of elections and
society can be predicted with terrifying accuracy?
Edward Lazarus, a legal scholar, tells us why the
Supreme Court should consider the Pennsylvania
gerrymandering case very,
very carefully.



The Great Election Grab:
When does gerrymandering become
a threat to democracy? By Jeffrey



Cecil Bothwell, southern editor,
writer, and humorist, reminds us about
James Watt and takes aim at Lt. General
William G. "Jerry" Boykin, Duck Soup #390:

A Simple Twist of Faith



American Ali Baba
G.W. Bush and the Stealing
of America
What has Ali Baba
wrought? By Manuel Valenzuela


Thomas L. Friedman:
Why they Hate Us

Bob Herbert:
The Reverse Robin Hood



San Francisco: Did
Mayor Gavin Newsom Err?
California statutes expressly deny
same-sex couples the ability to
marry, but the law also recognizes
domestic partnerships between
same-sex couples. Joanna
Grossman, Hofstra University Law
Professor sorts it all out.



Governmental Abuse of Power:



Press Reports on U.S.
Casualties: About 17,000 Short,
UPI Says U.S. Suffers 25,029 casualties



Chalabi is Alive and Well
and Entrenched in Prime Minister
Allawi's Interim Government
by Marcia MacMullan
Ahmad Chalabi is related to two
members of the Iraqi interim government
Nepotism rules.


Retired Diplomats and
Military Leaders say Bush
Must Go

Ronald Brownstein of the Los
Angeles Times reported a group
of 26 retired officials issued
a joint statement that
George W. Bush has damaged
America's national security.



Email Implicates Cheney
in Halliburton Contracts

According to an internal Pentagon
e-mail sent by an Army Corps of
Engineers official, Cheney's office
"coordinated" the multibillion-dollar
Halliburton contract.



Cheney Questioned In
Plame Leak Probe

Investigators question Vice President
Dick Cheney recently in the probe
of who in the Bush White House
leaked the name of a CIA



The President May Be Indicted
Reported by Katherine Yurica
Witnesses have testified before a federal
grand jury implicating President George
W. Bush in the illegal outing of Valerie
Plame, a CIA covert operative.



Ret. Lt. Col. Speaks Out
on how the Bush Admin.
conducted plans for a preemptive
war at the Pentagon. Read Lt. Col.
Karen Kwiatkowski, Ret.


Bush Hires Lawyer
CBS reports the President has hired
a lawyer "Just in case" he's going to
be asked questions about the illegal
exposure of Ambassador Joe Wilson's
wife. Is this the beginning of the end?
Click on the gray box below:


Ashcroft Refuses
to Release Memo to Senate
Judiciary Committee

A 50 page memo describing the permissable
degrees of pain and suffering legally
allowed by the U.S., which had been
released in part to news agencies,
was at issue in possible contempt
of Congress charges.



Text of Ashcroft
Statements Before Senate
Judiciary Committee

The complete text of Ashcroft's
statements now available to
examine for possible Contempt
of Congress charges




Pat Robertson warned against
reckless spending: "Congress is buying
votes with your money. It's time to clean
out congress." Reported by Katherine Yurica



Mr. Cheney's Day in Court.
The Supreme Court hears arguments


A Vision of Power
The mystery behind Dick Cheney's
energy task force:
an elected dictatorship.


Cheney's Staff Suspected
Federal law-enforcement officials said
two of the Veep's top staff members
are suspects in the criminal investigation
of the leak outing CIA undercover agent
Valerie Plame.



Scalia Refuses to
recuse himself from a Supreme Court
case centering on his friend Dick
Cheney. The Justice went hunting
with Cheney but no collusion ocurred.



The Supreme Court Hears
Case on Why Detaining U.S.
citizens without charges and for an indefinite
period of time--does not violate the



Republican Forced Exclusion of
Democrats from legislative participation
violates House and Senate tradition and places
an ominous threat over the democratic process
as it disenfranchises fifty percent of Americans
from representative government. Read the facts
from the congressional editor of the Washington


Did Some Go Too Far to
Change A No to a Yes on Medicare?
R. Jeffrey Smith, Washington Post staff
reporter exposes the threats and bribes
used against House Representatives.
This may turn out to be the biggest
scandal in our history.



Who Tried to Bribe Rep. Smith?
Winning-at-any-cost as a policy may cost Republicans
too much. Think jail terms for bribery and extortion
in the battle to get the
Medicare Bill Passed.


Conservative Republicans Rebelled
A critical review of the tactics Repugs resorted to
in order to get the Medicare Bill passed in the House.
This time the "enemy" targeted was other Republicans.
Get an insiders picture of what happened during the
long hours of "hazing," pressure and "ugly stuff."


Watchdog groups filed complaint
against Tom DeLay, the House Majority Leader,
asking the IRS to deny his tax exemption.



Cheating Repugnicans who redrew
Colorado's congressional districts were slapped down.
The lines will return to
pre-manipulative status.



Political foes use vote on Medicare as
weapon. Beware, it may backfire. From the
Washington Times.



Guess Who's Going
to Mars as of February, 2001?
Haliburton to drill on Mars.



Bush Downgraded
the Threat of Bin Laden in
April 2001
. Prior to 9/11, the
Bush Admininstration said it was
a mistake to focus on Al Quada
leader. Report corroborates
Richard Clarke's testimony



A Comprehensive Roundup
of Articles on Mad Cow Disease
In the midst of an ill advised presidential
statement aimed at keeping people buying
beef, Pamela Kraemer, writer and researcher
for the Yurica Report has put together a
compendium of articles
that will help
guide you and your family through this crisis.


U.S.D.A.'s Testing Problem on
Mad Cow Disease
A New York Time's Editorial



Internet Is Gaining as News Source
A research poll finds that television
news is declining as is newspapers as
people increasingly get their news
from the net.


Does Howard Dean's 3rd
Place Finish in Iowa Rebut the
"Internet Election" Concept?
Can the Internet, after all, transform
democracy? You bet! And here's how!
By Lauren Gelman from Stanford Law
School's Center for Internet and Society



The Bush Administration "Is
clearly obstructing the investi-
gation of 9/11."
By Katherine


Ashcroft Recuses
Himself At Last
The New York
Times' Editorial that says it all.



Bill O'Reilly Apologizes
o viewers for supporting prewar
claims that Iraq had weapons of
mass destruction. "I was wrong."




BUZZ FLASH Interview
With sociologist Arlie Hochschild.
George Bush is sinking in the polls,
but a few beats on the war drum
could reverse that trend and re-
elect him. Here's what to do about it.



Psst! Want to See A Really
Great Anti-Bush Ad
that'll make Karl
Rove bite his nails and eat worms? And
one that'll make the RNC run to the little
boy's room? Bush In 30 Seconds


James Baker (who played a prominent
role in George W. Bush's ascendancy to
the White House
and served as a confidential
energy advisor to the new president) has been
appointed the president's special envoy to Iraq,
to eliminate that country's debt. Ought not Mr.
Baker be helping America to eliminate its debt?
On the other hand,
is Mr. Baker going to
concentrate on Iraqi oil, something that is surely
coveted by many an energy depleted nation?


Once again Greg gives his readers the skinny on
what's happening in the real world with the likes
of James Baker III, the former Secretary of State,
who recently bragged that he's the one who "fixed
the 2000 election." Most Americans will have heart
burn after reading what's really going on. Our readers
will just enjoy Greg's refreshing style and impish humor.


Voter Fraud


Nevada the first state to go with
printed voter receipts


Was the California Recall
Election Rigged?
Read this analysis.


Don't miss New York Times
columnist Paul Krugman’s
take on the coming 2004
Hacked Election”



The California Recall Story


California's Recall of Gov. Gray
Davis is Unconstitutional.
Can Arnold's Victory be Reversed?
Two distinguished law professors
point out that an important part of the law
is unconstitutional. Read this article to
see what could be done with the right
plaintiff filing the right lawsuit.

Gray Davis Fights Back: Files
to delay election and to insert
his name as a replacement candidate.
Readers of the professors' article (above)
will know why Davis' move is wrong.
(Someone should tell the governor to
read our professors.)


to run as his own successor? No merit.
But the fear of a fringe winner is serious.
Part Two of Vik Amar's California Series
explaining the legal ins and outs of the Recall.



Did the California
Supreme Court lose its golden
opportunity to rise above politics
in its decision on the Recall
Election of Gov. Gray Davis?
Vikram Amar and Alan Brownstein
give a critical review of the court's
one fell swoop decision.


Krugman Takes On Arnold
in a mind-building match. Schwarzenegger
kayoed in the first round.


The Presidential Marriage Ban Amendment


Gay Rights
Without Borders
A human rights lawyer
cites the European Court
of Human Rights--the very
court Dominionists make it
illegal to cite and a reason
for impeachment of a judge
for even referencing in the
Constitution Restoration
Act of 2004


Then Arnold Won...


Three Legal Experts Tackle

Richard L. Hasen, Learning from the
California Recall Experience

Edward Lazarus,
One Reason Why Arnold Won

Vickram David Amar, Lingering
Questions Over Its
Legitimacy and Its Basis in the
California Constitution


The Controversy Over
the Pickering Appointment
Taking advantage of the Senate's
recess, President Bush made a
"Judicial Recess Appointment."
Are such appointments constitutional?
Do they hurt the nomination process?
And what can the Democrats do about
it? Constitutional expert Vikram
David Amar answers the questions.


The New, New Federalism?
A Supreme Court Case to be Decided This
Term Tests Whether Congress Can Use Its
Spending Power to Create A Broad Federal
Crime of Bribery by Alafair Burke, Professor
of Law at Hofstra Law School


Was the California
Recall Election


New York Times columnist
Paul Krugman's take on the very
real dangers of the coming 2004
"Hacked Election"


The Parodist: Blogs You Won't Want
to Miss:


What Cheney and Bush
hope you won't find out:
That California's energy scam
and the bogus nuclear threats
have the same fingerprints
on them:


1. Is the President Cracking Up?

2. Cheney Squeezed CIA

3. Liar, Liar. Your Pants Are On Fire

4. Shenanigans at the FERC.

5. Poor Miss California Seduced
her Rapists



Weapons of Mass Destruction:


Why Americans Are
Still Confused About WMD
The administration is still making
blatantly false statements about
banned weapons in Iraq. For
instance, Bush made a false claim
on primetime television.


All the King's Horses
and all the King's Men


How the teflon walls began
to crumble around the Pres-
ident and his neo-conservative


1. Nicholas D. Kristof
Missing in Action: Truth


2. Nicholas D. Kristof,
A Sequel: Rice Lies Again?


3. Nicholas D. Kristof:
The Uranium Hoax and
the Dumbing Down of the


Neil Mackay in the Sunday Herald:
Amazing Disappearing Act


Patrick J. Buchanan
Where are they, Mr. President?


William Kristol Admits
Bush Made False Statements

Classics You'll Want to
Frame and Keep for Your
Children and Grandchildren:


W.'s Stiletto Democracy
It was remarkable to see President Bush
lecture Vladimir Putin on the importance of
checks and balances in a democratic society.


A True Dowd Classic:
The Bushworld vs. reality.
Save this one for your Grandchildren


Maureen Dowd's 5 Star Article:
National House of Waffles


Dowd on The Body Politic
Bob Woodward's new book,
"Plan of Attack" reveals that
President Bush decided to go
to war based mostly on body


Senator Robert Byrd:

The Perception of Deception

The Road to Cover-up Is the Road
to Ruin

The Truth Will Emerge


Republicans Decide Rules
Are Meant to be Broken by
Adam Cohen


Bush Knew, Bush Lied Stories


Sens. John McCain and
Jay Rockefeller
Call for Hearings


CBS Reports: Bush Knew
Iraq Info Was False


Philip Shenon:
9/11 Commission
Reports Delays & Intimidation


Bush Indicted for
War Crimes in Japan:
Hearing July 21


The Washington Post:
CIA Knew Uranium Info
Was False in Oct. 2002


David Sanger: The White
House Admits Bush Used False


Walter Pincus: The Trail
of Lies


Two More Important
New York Times Editorials:


Mr. Bush: Incompetent
or an Attempt to Deceive
the Nation?

Uranium Quicksand

Read the N.Y. Times editorial
the U.S. Civil Service System

GOP Power Abuse:
Tom Delay's "Power Perpetuation


Paul Krugman, N.Y. Times:

1. Outrage and Accountability

2. Denial and Deception

3. Pattern of Corruption

4. Who's Unpatriotic Now?


Paul Krugman:

Tom Delay:
Dangerous to
American Freedom

Fiscal Train Wreck

Lies, Standard Operating


The Death Of Horatio Algers
Paul Krugman wrote a classic. .
Think you can improve your economic
situation--that you can rise from poverty
to riches? Think Again! From The Nation:
Here's what's happening to America.



Paul Krugman's
startling revelation that the
Bush Administration pressured
the EPA to lie and deny that
fallout dust from the 9/11
disaster was harmless to New
Yorkers as dioxin, one of the
deadliest of the world's poisons
was released over Manhattan.


Robert Scheer:
They Lied

What Did He Know & When
Did He Know It?

Bush Tied to California
Budget Crisis

Impeachment Case Made



EPA Illegally Buys Ads
to Promote Bush Administration
proposed legislation for so called
"Clear Skies" initiative.
Read Shocking Minority
Report PDF file.


2nd Study Shows Millions of
Poor Excluded from Help in
the Tax Cuts


All About Your Rights Being
Taken Away:



Bush Administration's
Biggest Legal Setbacks
Vickram David Amar tells us what the
recent appellate court decisions mean
to civil and legal rights in the U.S.



How Jeb Bush is
seeking to appoint a guardian
for a fetus that may, if successful,
change women's rights over their
bodies. By Sherry F. Colb,
Professor of Law.



Why the ACLU must challenge
the FBI's Access to libraries and
bookstores and business records
under the USA Patriot Act.



How would Jesus Structure
Taxes? Tax the Poor A Higher
Percentage than the Rich?
See Adam Cohen's
Report on Republican Governor
Bob Riley of Alabama


See also Looting:
George W. Bush and the Poet


As looting continues in
Iraq, is the
U.S. liable for
the loss of Iraqi treasures?

Legal scholar,
tells us why
the U.S. must stop the current
looting of archaeological



Parodies: The Parodist:
A Parody on President
Bush-Rove's Press

"New Wite House Press
Conference Rules"


See also the new series:

On the Presidential Body


The California Energy Story


New York Times Bestselling author
Greg Palast
details the stunning corporate
manipulations of Enron and other participants
in the California energy scam by revealing what
they did to Britain, Europe and South America
before they got to California. The corporate players
in theYurica Report article: Fraud Traced to the
White House
had plenty of practice on how to do
California in. This is a brilliant investigative piece
from Greg Palast's book: The Best Democracy
Money Can Buy
. Read it here:


Power Outage Traced to Dim Bulb in
White House
by Greg Palast. Greg tells us
the tale of the Brits who swiped 800 jobs from
New York, carted off $90 million, then turned off
the lights of the entire northeastern block. It's the
story behind the story and as usual, Greg Palast
leaves the reader both laughing and crying!





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