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Directory of Speeches, Statements and Transcripts, Presidential and Others


PART I. Transcripts of Presidential Statements:
Includes Comments On the Statements

PART II. Transcripts of Newsmakers Statements:
Includes Bush Administration Officials



Part I.


Presidential News Conference
Transcript on Spying
Monday, December 19, 2005;
11:46 AM



Transcript of President Bush's
Speech On Iraq.
The following is the transcript of
President Bush's prepared speech Tuesday night
at Fort Bragg, June 28, 2005


Bush's Iraq Speech Fails on All Counts
By Gerald Rellick



Transcript: Joint Press Conference
with President Bush and Prime
Minister Blair
(June 7, 2005)



President's Year-End
Press Conference
the common
man's "friend" reveals what he has in
mind for the common man.



Transcript: 2005 State of
the Union Address
Wednesday, February 2, 2005


State of the Union: Instant Analysis
Robert G. Kaiser
Washington Post Associate Editor
February 2, 2005



George W Bush's 2nd inauguration
speech in full
(Filed: 20/01/2005)
Text of the address by George W Bush
after he was inaugurated for the second time:


World media: Bush inaugural a jolt
Emphasis on freedom still takes
unilateral road alienating foreign press.
By Jim Bencivenga |



What Did Mr. Bush’s 2nd Inaugural
Address Really Mean?
Biblical Code Unraveled
By Katherine Yurica
February 21, 2005



Doug Wede Secretly Taped Conversations,
Glimpses of the Future President



State of the Union Address
January 20, 2004


What the President Left Out
The president's State of the Union address
in 2004 covered up festering American


Transcript of the President's
Controversial 2003 State of the Union



Transcript of Diane Sawyer's
Interview with George W. Bush.
Is the interview disturbing? Can you
honestly say that the President of the
United States knows the difference between
falsity and truth based on his responses to
Diane's questions?




Bush On Meet the Press
Read it for yourself. How articulate
is the President of the United States? Based
on this interview, should he be re-elected?
Interview with Tim Russert on NBC's
Meet the Press



The President's Claims
vs. Facts on Meet the Press
The Center for American Progress,
follows up on the President's
statements. Keep score for freedom's
sake. Help your neighbors. Read this



Pat Robertson Says Bush
Predicted No Iraq Casualties!
Two stories: CNN writes that Pat had
deep misgivings over the war, and asked
Bush to prepare America for casualties.
However, Bush replied, "There aren't going
to be any casualties." Read both articles
here: on one page.





American Democracy Is In Grave
Text of Al Gore's Speech at
Media Conference 2005

I came here today because I believe that
American democracy is in grave danger.
It is no longer possible to ignore the
strangeness of our public discourse . I
know that I am not the only one who feels
that something has gone basically and
badly wrong in the way America's fabled
"marketplace of ideas" now functions.




Justice Roberts' Transcript
Fourth Day of Hearings on the
Nomination of Judge Roberts
Published: September 15, 2005




A Fascinating Conflict of
Truth Vs. Falsity,
Spin Vs. Honest Speaking:
Decide for Yourself

From the Transcript for July 17, 2005
NBC News' Meet the Press With Tim Russert
Complete Transcript for Guests Matt Cooper,
John Podesta, Ken Mehlman



Text of Ashcroft
Statements Before Senate
Judiciary Committee

The complete text of Ashcroft's
statements now available to
examine for possible Contempt
of Congress charges



Senator Kennedy on:
Roberts as Chief Justice
of the Supreme Court

Over the last several weeks, we've
begun to review John Roberts record
and overall fitness to sit on the nation's
highest court in preparation for our
hearings on his nomination



Transcript of Sen. Edward
speech on the Bush Administration
Policies in Iraq. Never has a State
of the Union speech been so disgraced
by such blatant falsehoods.