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A Compendium of all the Articles Written on or as a result of

The 2005 New York City CUNY/Open Center
Conference on the Religious Right Agenda



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Is an Unholy American Theocracy Here
Or Has Jim Jones Gone Mainstream?

Posted October 9, 2005

By Katherine Yurica

Katherine Yurica’s plenary address at the New York
City Conference, Examining the Real Agenda of the
Religious Far Right
, April 29-April 30th, 2005 co-sponsored
by the NY Open Center and CUNY Graduate
Center Public Programs.



Outing Creeping Dominionism

A Response to an Evangelical’s Attack

By Katherine Yurica

Katherine Yurica digs into the Dominionism
movement and exposes the true nature of the
doctrine millions of American Christians have
taken to heart. For the first time, she introduces
her readers to the man who is credited with
writing and inspiring the religious doctrines that
provided a new theological basis for regressive
economics and politics that would counter
traditional Christian progressive thought. One
man and his followers have turned not only
Christianity upside-down, but the future of America
is at stake. It was the insertion of “free enterprise
capitalism” onto the fabric of the scriptures that
enabled a small group of men to convert Christianity
into a tool that serves the purposes of regressive
conservatism. It is at once alarming and revealing
of the ingenuity and source of power behind the
spreading acceptance of dominionism. In fact, the
combining of conservative economics with edicts
that appear to be out of the mouth of God, may be
seen as one of the most brilliant and powerful
political concepts ever written. The man who
founded Dominionism has empowered the greedy
as no man has ever done: he’s made greed a virtue!





Examining the Agenda of Secularism
Featured article from the September/October
2005 issue of Faith for All of Life

Martin G. Selbrede, Vice President of Chalcedon

On April 29-30, 2005, Chalcedon’s Communications
Director, Chris Ortiz, and I attended Examining
The Real Agenda Of The Religious Far Right at the
CUNY Graduate Center in New York. Many conference
speakers invoked religion, even Christianity and the
Bible, in their “principled” assaults on (among other
things) Christian Reconstruction. Katherine Yurica...




Why Theocracy Can't Happen Here
By Ernest W. Lefever
May 16, 2005

Recently, Bob Edgar, general secretary of the
National Council of Churches and former
Pennsylvania Democratic congressman, warned
a conference of People for the American Way
and 500 other secular liberals the religious right
was hell-bent on imposing a "theocracy" on America.




Certainty vs. Humility about God
The Tao that can be named is not true Tao
May 30, 2005

By David Stevens Seeley

There is a crucial issue facing the human race that is not being
sufficiently discussed—between (A) those who believe they
have certain knowledge of the nature of God and His Will, and
(B) those who believe that it is best for people to have a degree
of humility about their religious beliefs—to accept the fact that,
however much beliefs may command our faith and loyalty, there
is no way to be “certain” of their “truth,” and that it is therefore
unwise and perhaps even blasphemous to disrespect or be
alienated from those with different faiths.




Stanley Kurtz Attacks Yurica:
Dominionist Domination
The Left runs with a wild theory.
by Stanley Kurtz

You want political paranoia? You want guilt by
association? You want flat-out looniness? Well,
Joe McCarthy’s got nothing on the good liberal
folks who are warning us about a takeover by
“Dominionist” Christians. What you've just read
is a composite I've created (often word for word)
by drawing on a couple of web-sites I'll link you
to in a moment.




Stanley Kurtz Attacks Yurica’s,
“The Despoiling of America”:
A Response

By Katherine Yurica
May 23, 2005

Stanley Kurtz did his best. In an article titled, “Dominionist
Domination,” published May 2, 2005 by National Review Online,
he tried to attack and crumble the reasoning in my essay,
“The Despoiling of America.” He didn’t have much to work with,
so as a last resort he made up things. He invented an essay
that does not exist and said, “See! Look at what she wrote!”
Then he gave a list of the imaginary faults in his newly rewritten
essay and attributed them to me!




A Short Review of Katherine Yurica's
Rebuttal of Stanley Kurtz' Attack

By Lee Laurais

These days, when I hear someone describe him or herself as a
Christian, I'm apt to duck behind the piano as I expect that I'm in
the presence of a war-mongering, gay-bashing, profiteering, violence-
prone, right wing yahoo who couldn't care less about the poor, the
outcast and the marginalized and who would happily trade his or her
birthright of freedom and decency for the mess of pottage that our
decadent, irresponsible, national leadership has gotten us into.



To: Friends of Family Research Council
From: Tony Perkins, President on the N.Y. Conference
May 2, 2005



A spiritual olive branch for the far-right faithful

By Ellis Henican

This isn't the first time in American history that politics and
religion have collided like this. The results have been both
good and bad. Abolitionism. The civil rights movement.
Anti-Catholic nativism. The Salem witch trials.




The Secularist’s Preemptive War on America

Rev. Christopher J. Ortiz
May 26, 2005

It was a surreal experience. Sitting in the heart of the Eastern
bastion of the political Left, I felt as if there were a sign on my
back that read “Christian Reconstructionist.” For a brief 24 hours
my Chalcedon credentials were safely tucked away as I listened
to a succession of pundits weave a spurious tale that disclosed
the “Real Agenda of the Religious Far Right.” This was the title
of the recent conference sponsored by the Open Center in midtown




Backwards Christian Soldiers
by Susan Chenelle
11 May 2005

Less than a week after religious conservatives held “Justice
Sunday,” a nationally televised rally featuring Senate Majority
Leader Bill Frist, more than 500 activists, academics, clergy,
journalists and other concerned individuals gathered at CUNY
Graduate Center for a conference co-sponsored by the New
York Open Center called “Examining the Real Agenda of the
Religious Far Right.”




Dominionist Fantasies
By Anthony Williams | May 4, 2005

“This may be the darkest time in our history.”

These were the words of Bob Edgar, General Secretary
of the National Council of Churches (NCC) at a two-day
conference at the City University of New York this past
weekend, referring to the “threat” of religious fundamentalism.
...In a conference entitled, “Examining the Real Agenda of
the Religious Far Right” and co-sponsored by CUNY and
The Open Center, he was referring to Christian fundamentalism,
a force that the participants of the weekend bash at CUNY
see as a tremendous threat to democracy.




The kettle called black by the pot: Tony Perkins
goes psycho on liberals
Posted 9:10 am
From the Carpetbagger
Guest Post by Morbo
Family Research Council President Tony Perkins is angry that a
bunch of liberals dared to meet in New York City recently and
express opposition to the agenda of the theocratic right.




True left paranoia
Monday, May 2nd, 2005 @ 6:47 am in [ Politics -
Religion ] I tire easily these days of the leftist cries of a
coming “theocracy” in the U.S. And so you can imagine my
reaction to this little conference (Washington Times)




The Left's "Dominionist" Demons
By Don Feder | May 5, 2005

Since the founding of the Moral Majority in the late 1970s,
the Left has been obsessed with conservative Christians. This
fixation is driven by fear, loathing, and old-fashioned opportunism.
Hatred of traditional Christians is as old as H.L. Mencken (who, by
the way, didn't have the warm fuzzies for blacks or Jews either). In
recent decades, the Left has come to see evangelical Christians as
the principal obstacle to the realization of its social agenda, hence
the embodiment of evil. Correspondingly, attacks on "fundamentalists"
have grown increasingly shrill.




Left aims to smite 'theocracy' movement
By Jon Ward
Published May 1, 2005
NEW YORK -- Secular humanists and leftist activists convened here
over the weekend to strategize how to counter what they contend is a
growing political threat from Christian conservatives. Understanding and
answering the "religious far right" that propelled President Bush's re-election
is key to preventing a "theocracy" from governing the nation, speakers argued
at a weekend conference.




Liberals gather to plumb depths of
Christian right

By Jon Ward
Published May 3, 2005
NEW YORK -- The 58-year-old man stepped to the microphone
and spoke like a zealous Christian anxious to learn about carrying
the Gospel to nonbelievers. "We're trying to understand these people.
How do we reach out to them?" asked Wayne Reagan, 58, a retired
Housing Authority official.



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