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February 2002

Faith Under Fire: Juvenile Center Investigated

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From the outside, the Indianapolis Training Center has all the appearances of an upscale hotel. But insiders say what drives the center is a combination of faith and fear.  Follow this continuing News 8 I-Team investigation.  Scroll down to read the latest stories.

Faith Under Fire, Part 1
The News 8 I-Team first broke the news that a faith-based juvenile center in Indianapolis has changed its policy on spanking.

Faith Under Fire, Part 2
New information about alleged abuse at a faith-based juvenile center.  The News 8 I-Team first reported the state has now stepped in and taken over the investigation as a case of alleged institutional abuse.  The center has also changed it's policy and no longer spanks the children.

Juvenile Center to be Investigated - February 11, 2002
The News 8 I-Team confirmed Monday that Child Protective Services is investigating a juvenile center in Indianapolis.  There are strong allegations that a public defender called "disturbing."

Center Investigation Leads to Parent Protest - February 11, 2002
Parents who say their kids are victims of abuse want the Indianapolis Training Center to close its doors for good.  They were among the demonstrators protesting outside the center Saturday.

Councilman Wants Funding Pulled from ITC - February 13, 2002
An Indianapolis city councilman is stepping in on allegations of child abuse uncovered in last week's I-Team Investigation "Faith Under Fire."  Councilman Steve Tally says he wants all taxpayer funding to immediately stop going to the Indianapolis Training Center, a faith-based juvenile program that takes troubled kids referred by the courts.

County Adopts New Policy for Troubled Juvenile Center - February 15, 2002
Marion County's Juvenile Court will temporarily stop sending children to a troubled youth center. This morning's decision comes after a meeting of several judges.  The Indianapolis Training Center is a faith-based program that has been the subject of an I-Team investigation and a probe by the state.

Growing Concerns Surround Training Center - February 25, 2002
City officials in several cities around the country are sounding the whistle on what they are being taught about character at a center in Indianapolis. The center is the focus of a state investigation and a potential class action lawsuit.

City Council Debates Indianapolis Training Center's Future - February 27, 2002
City lawmakers took on the case of a controversial youth center at their meeting Wednesday night. The Indianapolis Training Center has been plagued by allegations of child abuse and the focus of a News 8 I-Team investigation.

Debate Rages Over Sending Juveniles Back to ITC - April 15, 2003
The City-County Council has passed a resolution to send children back, but not without debate and hints of another investigation. Councilman Steve Talley says more allegations are surfacing.


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NEW: Faith Under Fire, Part 1
Gothard Juvenile Center Investigated

By Karen Hensel

The News 8 I-Team first broke the news that
a faith-based juvenile center in Indianapolis has
changed its policy on spanking. The policy
changed to "no spanking" after the mother of a
10-year-old girl who spent the last 10 months
in the center complained.





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