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Despoiling of America


Despoiling of America. Loved It. Thank You.
A fellow Canadian,

BB PuuurrrMoon, Elke

[Editor's Note: Sorry BB, we're not from
Canada. We're from Washington--the other
Washington and do enjoy all our Canadian


Conquering by Stealth and Deception


I was very pleased to discover your site through your
"Conquering by Stealth and Deception" article at Information
Clearing House. (ICH). I love your entire art exhibit. I
believe I can say with a humble amount of confidence
that You and I are on the "same page" regarding the
situation our country faces. I live in a small midwestern
town, a very nice place. An independent telephone company
looms here. I have observed the deterioration of our Country's
morals and values in real time by simply watching this "small family
owned" company's influence on this small town and county for
the past twenty five years. Your Corp- Edu painting reminds
me of the enormous effort this "small family owned" business
used to control the school systems in the area. We have several
high schools, community colleges, and two state universities
that have board members employed by this phone company.
Professors from one of the state universities had to intervene
a couple of years ago regarding book banning at one of the
high schools. The school system is only part of the control. Our
country is dangerously close to becoming similar to this
small county. Thank You so much for all you do to educate
people of this fact.

Denny Duncan



Bush's "Win"


Policy of the president and a complicit congress has subverted the
Constitution of the United States.

LONDON (Reuters) - President Bush has a fresh mandate
to pursue an "aggressive" foreign policy, Secretary of State
Colin Powell said Tuesday. In an interview with Britain's
Financial Times newspaper, Powell said Bush had no intention
of pulling back and insisted the newly re-elected president had
a mandate to pursue American national interests in international
affairs. "The president is not going to trim his sails or pull back,"
Powell told the newspaper. "It's a continuation of his principles,
his policies, his beliefs." Powell made no mention of any specific
country or region, but said U.S. foreign policy had been "aggressive
in terms of going after challenges, issues" and Bush was "going to
keep moving in this direction.

Powell verifies the United States is no longer what the Constitution designed
it to be. Perceived mandates do not overrule the Constitution’s rule of law.
We are a Republic not a democracy. We may have “interests” around the
world but we do not have any authority or jurisdiction in other sovereign
nations whether they are judged as favorable or unfavorable to “American
interests”. The president has no power to take this country in the direction
of his personal beliefs. He (and the congress is complicit through supporting
laws) has asserted jurisdiction of the United States on the entire world.
Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Welcome to the new plantation run
by a presidential/congressional dictatorship controlling all social, economic
and military conditions around the world. Why is there no longer any compliance
with oaths to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States?
It doesn’t matter if Republicans, Democrats, alternate parties or independents
control the Presidency and Congress; all are obligated by law to follow the
Constitution. Not since Hitler....!

William Brueckner Sr
Waterbury Ctr., VT



Does "The Despoiling of America" Misrepresent
Justice Scalia's Position?


I was reading your report called “The Despoiling of America.” I was shocked
by some of the statements attributed to Justice Scalia. I don't have much
sympathy for him, but they seemed to be too extreme. So I checked the
references. For example:

Scalia himself appears to be a Dominionist, for he believes that Romans 13
represents the correct view- that government authority is derived from God
and not from the people; he asserts his view was the consensus of Western
thought until recent times. Like Pat Robertson, he laments that the biblical
perspective was upset by “the emergence of democracy.”[57] Taking his
cue from Leo Strauss, Scalia argued, “a democratic government, being
nothing more than the composite will of its individual citizens, has no more
moral power or authority than they do as individuals.” Democracy, according
to Scalia, creates problems, “It fosters civil disobedience.”[58]

What Scalia actually says in the reference above is:

“The mistaken tendency to believe that a democratic government, being
nothing more than the composite will of its individual citizens, has no more
moral power or authority than they do as individuals has adverse effects in
other areas as well. It fosters civil disobedience, for example, which
proceeds on the assumption that what the individual citizen considers an
unjust law-even if it does not compel him to act unjustly-need not be obeyed.”

So clearly Scalia did not say that democracy fosters civil disobedience.

I can only conclude that you are deliberately distorting the statements of
Scalia. That should not be necessary since he is a nutcase, but one has to
be fair.

Fernando Saldanha


[Editor's Note: Mr. Saldanha has raised an important question, and we
agree that the Yurica text quoted by Mr. Saldanha appears to be incorrect.
We have therefore made corrections in the text on November 6, 2004. The text
now reads as follows:

Taking his cue from Leo Strauss, Scalia argued, a democratic government, being
seen as “nothing more than the composite will of its individual citizens, has no more
moral power or authority than they do as individuals...” Democracy, according to
Scalia, creates problems: It can foster civil disobedience.[58]

Mr. Saldanha quotes too brief a portion of not only Antonin Scalia's essay, but of
Katherine Yurica's analysis. We believe our readers should understand the
argument being made:

First, Justice Scalia used a biblical passage in Romans 13 to state his belief that
all governments are established by God to execute God's will on earth.
Justice Scalia stands firmly on St. Paul's insistence that all Christians must
obey the authorities in power. Taken literally, the bibilical passage appears
to prohibit any kind of democratice resistance, protests, petitions or civil
disobedience, regardless of how unjust the government is. Secondly, Justice
Scalia used the passage to justify the death penalty by the state. And he used the
passage to make a distinction between the morality of the state and the
morality of the state's individual citizens.

Lastly, Mr. Justice Scalia laments that democracy tends to create the
impression that a democratic government is based upon the will of the
people and not the will and authority of God. He laments this interpretation
as incorrect. He also laments the fact that those who equate private morality
with governmental morality, have a tendency to encourage--and in this way--
foster civil disobedience.

However, Mr. Justice Scalia places himself directly at odds with the American
Declaration of Independence. His biblically based argument flies in the face of
the words:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that
among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. That to
secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving
their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any
Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right
of the People to alter or to abolish it...”

Excerpts from:
Gods Justice and Ours by Antonin Scalia, First Things:

“The death penalty is undoubtedly wrong unless one accords to the state a
scope of moral action that goes beyond what is permitted to the individual.
In my view, the major impetus behind modern aversion to the death penalty
is the equation of private morality with governmental morality. This is a
predictable (though I believe erroneous and regrettable) reaction to modern,
democratic self–government....

“These passages from Romans represent the consensus of Western thought
until very recent times. Not just of Christian or religious thought, but of
secular thought regarding the powers of the state. That consensus has been
upset, I think, by the emergence of democracy. It is easy to see the hand
of the Almighty behind rulers whose forebears, in the dim mists of history,
were supposedly anointed by God, or who at least obtained their thrones
in awful and unpredictable battles whose outcome was determined by the
Lord of Hosts, that is, the Lord of Armies. It is much more difficult to see
the hand of God—or any higher moral authority—behind the fools and
rogues (as the losers would have it) whom we ourselves elect to do our
own will. How can their power
to avenge—to vindicate the “public order”—
be any greater than our own?

“The mistaken tendency to believe that a democratic government, being
nothing more than the composite will of its individual citizens, has no more
moral power or authority than they do as individuals has adverse effects in
other areas as well. It fosters civil disobedience, for example, which
proceeds on the assumption that what the individual citizen considers an
unjust law—even if it does not compel him to act unjustly—need not be
St. Paul would not agree. “Ye must needs be subject,” he said,
“not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.” For conscience sake.
The reaction of people of faith to this tendency of democracy to obscure
the divine authority behind government should not be resignation to it, but
the resolution to combat it as effectively as possible.”

[Emphasis added by the editors.]



The Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004, HR 3799

I want to say I think this is a travesty. Aside from the obvious embrace
of theology as a basis for law, this erodes fundamental checks and
balances in our system. Most alarming, I believe, is the provision that
courts may not rule based on any previous judical decision. Legal
precedent is a fundamental part of the process. Equally alarming is the
punishment to be meted out to any judge or justice that disobeys.
As with many other short-sighted goals that the neo-conservative
movement embraces, this bill would create a huge crisis if enacted into
law. It is in fact a step towards totalitarian government in which the
courts are entirely subject to the will of the legislative and executive
arms of governemnt. In other words, it would create a society in which
dissent is not protected and civil rights are immeasurably diminished.
Any individual giving this bill serious consideration should ask
themselves if they would feel comfortable giving that great power to
their political opponents. That is the test, to me, of a wise law.

Avery King
Medford, OR



The Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004, HR 3799

This bill is an attack on the United States of America as constituted. It cannot
claim any legitimacy if it negates the 1st Amendment to the Constitution of
the United States. Christians are fond of saying that the Constitution guarantees
us freedom of religion in America but not freedom from religion, but Jesus in the
Sermon on the Mount tells us to pray to our God in private and He will answer
us in private. This public display does not flow from Jesus so it must flow from
the other Guy who has set himself against the Christ, which by extension, would
make anyone introducing such a bill, people set against the Christ.

I’m an atheist but even I know that much.

Ken Knox

[Editor's Note: See also: Dominionist Bill Allows Congress to Overturn a Supreme
Court Decision. HR 3920 IH, the "Congressional Accountability for Judicial
Activism Act of 2004 was introducted in the House by twelve congressmen and
allows congress to overturn any decision of the Supreme Court that rules on the
constitutionality of an Act of Congress.




The Yurica Report Web Site and Articles


I'm standing with you, heart and soul. We can win. Love will win. And Love
is intelligent and religion cannot be disguised as love. We can win.


A Proud Poison Pen Letter


Congratulations on a most unique philosopy. Paranoid but unique. Fully
focused on a point in infinity, imaginary in nature, upon which you have built
a nest of hate and hatred from which your foul brood of neurotic vampires
swoop to destroy and befoul any and all who would manifest the temerity
to disagree with the vacuous hatreds spawned by the recent Democratic
Party zombies.

Thank you for being yourselves, in blogland--but please--don't consider
ever rejoining the human race.

George and Helen Miller, Bremerton, WA



Dominionism and the Future


Thought I located myself on the other side of the cultural and political
spectrum, [but] I find that I've been thinking some of these very thoughts myself.
I take it as a given that our government's primary concern no longer has
to do with the welfare of most us. Couple that lack of concern with our
collectively inadequate response to resource depletion and we have a
recipe for the gradual but accelerating destruction of the middle and
working classes and our absorption into what may eventually become
the globalized peasantry of a new dark and, in the former First World,
fascistic age.

I share the right wing's disgust of the cultural decadence that has ruined
our republic, but though I may share some measure of their sentiments
and may agree that it's time to begin planning for the post-American future,
I don't think that my ideas are simply the "equal and opposite" of theirs.
Dominionism and secular humanism both lead to cultural and national
destruction via different paths. Rather than to attempt to persuade the
partisans of either ideology or the public in general of our current folly,
I think it may be wiser to focus our energies on building for whatever
bit of civilized life we might hope to salvage for the future.

Wishing us all the best,

Lee Laurais


The Yurica Report Articles


Thanks for your work and efforts!
Eric ‘festo’ Bochene (publisher)


Infiltrating the U.S. Military


This is a worse conspiracy theory than an UFO coverup or JFK assassination
or anything I can think of! Where in the hell (and I mean that literally) do
you come UP with this stuff? I know and admire Jerry Boykin, and he is
NOT part of some fundamentalist plot to take over the military! Your
keyboarding is much better than your synapse-closing.

Larry Bailey



The Yurica Report Articles


You are doing great work. I truly like your historical and analytical
approach to our current political and moral crisis. Keep up the good work!

Joseph A. Maniscalco, Jr.


U.S.A. On Verge of a Civil War?

I always enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.
I truly think your country is on the verge of a civil
war or becoming a police state.

I thought you might be interested in the comments by
syndicated columnist Gwynne Dyer. He hosted and wrote
a major television documentary on the history of war.
I believe PBS carried it in the US.
He's a straight forward common sense guy. He likes to
tour smaller communities to get a true pulse on what
people are thinking.
Thanks again for your site.
A Canadian concerned about what is going on in your

Jim Sampson

The Despoiling of America & S.B. 2082


I want to thank you for your work and writings. I only very recently
happened upon your website. I'm a criminal defense attorney in South
Florida, and very fearful of a second Bush term. I may be in the
minority of people who are against Bush, as I care more about
what is happening to the republic internally, than the goings-on in
the rest of the world. We are absolutely headed toward the
"Christian" fascism you write about.

I have been reading "The Despoiling of America." Actually I
haven't even finished it yet-- I'm almost afraid to--

I was wondering if you were aware of Senate bill S.2082?
It can be seen at

It supports your thesis. The "meat" is this paragraph: Sec. 1260.
Matters not reviewable:

Notwithstanding any other provision of this chapter, the Supreme
Court shall not have jurisdiction to review, by appeal, writ of
certiorari, or otherwise, any matter to the extent that relief is
sought against an element of Federal, State, or local government,
or against an officer of Federal, State, or local government (whether
or not acting in official personal capacity), by reason of that element's
or officer's acknowledgement of God as the sovereign source of law,
liberty, or government.

It may "just" be a political ploy to force a vote and then condemn
those who voted against the bill as "anti-god." Any way you slice it,
it's not good. Imagine the constitutionality of the law itself being
considered by Mr. "Justice" Scalia!

Keep up the good work.


[Editor's Note: Yes, we too are very concerned about this bill. The House
version is H.R. 3799 and it's known as the Constitutional Restoration Act
of 2004. We have written about it at:



It Was A Rout! Yes! But Is There A Difference Between Them?

You may well be right about the debate. And Kerry may well be
the next president of the USA. He may well be a plain spoken
man without frills, bells or fabrications. He may not be an actor
and may not be phony. All as you said. But "The Man of the Hour"?
Come on now.

The difference between Kerry and Bush is certainly not apparent
to me given the following positions of Kerry:

- He voted for the "war on terrorism" and differs only from Bush in
that he says he would "do it better".
- He supports the Patriot Act.
- He urged the new President of Spain, Zapatero to keep the Spanish
troops in Iraq.
- He calls for 40,000 more troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.
- He has not stated that he will not invoke the draft.
- He was, like Bush, a member of the Skull & Bones society at Yale.
- He called Hugo Chavez, democratically-elected president of Venezuela
a "dictator", supporting the attempted CIA coup of Venezuela's
Bolivarian government.
- He, like Bush is a member and supporter of the global corporate empire
and world hegemony.
- He has not supported the working class against the ruling class.

No, John Kerry does not present a real alternative to Bush. Perhaps he is
more articulate and does not fall back on endlessly repeated slogans that pass
for policies. Perhaps he is less arrogant and more intellectual. Commendable.
But at least when it comes to America's foreign policy, the difference between
Kerry and Bush is barely noticeable.
"Man of the Hour? Think again.

W. Vic Ratsma
Nova Scotia, Canada


Houses of Worship Freedom Act


After reading your editor's note, I was curious if this 1892 decision has been
brought to bear on any subsequent legislation. Or put another way, what do
you think the chances are of the Supremes throwing out the Jones bill [H.R. 235]
if inserted and passed?

Andy Hughes

[Editor's note: In your hypothetical, we think the Supreme Court would have to
explain why a clear precedent of the court should be ignored, against all common
sense. INS v. Chadha 462 U.S. 919 (1983) and Field v. Clark, 143 U.S. 649

First Debate


Now that the first debate is done, we all have our work to do. We have
to tell everyone we know what we saw last night: John Kerry went on
to George Bush's home turf of foreign policy and terrorism and won!

Senator Kerry showed the American people that he will be the
strong commander-in-chief that we need. He put Bush on the
defensive by using the facts.

The fact that Osama Bin Laden is still out there and Al-Qaeda
is operating in 60 countries. The fact that Bush's miscalculations
in Iraq have left us with few good options and little credibility.

The fact that North Korea continues headlong into joining the
nuclear club making our world less safe while Bush develops
a new kind of nuclear weapon.

It is Bush who is sending mixed messages to the world and the
American people. John Kerry showed he has a plan for Iraq
while the President doesn't. John Kerry showed that he will
pursue terrorists and keep our country safe while the President
took his eye off the ball and let Osama escape.

John Kerry showed that he knows nuclear proliferation is the
greatest threat to our country because terrorists could get their
hands on them while the President pursues a costly and
questionable missile defense scheme. Let people know that
Senator John Kerry is prepared to be the next commander-
in-chief and let's win in November!

Representative Rick Larsen
Washington State

Christian Fascism And Despoiling of America


Between Rise of Christian Fascism and Despoiling of America you
expand and layout thoughts I've had for a long time. I appreciate all the
time and effort that went into compiling this information.

However, I feel an important point has yet to be addressed.The way
"truth" is used leads down the slippery slope either to an absolute
authority's proclamation or to a meeting of minds on what constitutes
a working definition of what works. As things stand, an absolute
choice between these two paths through life is assumed with proponents
of each engaged in a fight to the death, promising "peace" when the
other has been totally erased from the face of the earth and "truth" prevails.

According to my experience, this is mistaking the relative for the absolute.
And as long as this paradigm prevails there will be neither peace nor truth.


Dave McLane, Arizona


First Debate


Regarding the slip of the tongue Bush made, "They never stop thinking
about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we."

What no one seems to have noticed is the next sentence he did not say,
"We must never stop thinking about how best to defend our country."

What he said was, "We must never stop thinking about how best to
OFFEND our country."

Since no one else seemed to notice the second slip by Bush, I thought I
heard it wrong so I listened to it several more times. I even made a copy
of that portion of the video with my screen recorder and I am sure he said
OFFEND rather than DEFEND.

Not that I think it's a big deal but it does make the whole speech more
interesting. These little Freudian slips seem to me to be indicators of where
Bush truly stands. If he doesn't offend the rest of the people, he certainly
offends me.

Bo Stencil

Washington State


First Debate

Shame on for reporting this debate in a manner in which it
did not occur. The notes of the debate did not include the President's
pauses, his stuttering, his endless umms and ahhas. Kerry won this debate
hands down, but more importantly he made the president look a fool.
President Bush fell back on a number of cliches proving how unprepared
he was. The most upsetting aspect of the coverage was that it failed to
state how the President repeated the same arguments over and over and
over and over and over again. His reactions to Kerry's arguments showed
his frustrations, yet CNN failed to show these. I heard testimony
from Aaron McGruder and I agree with him completely. He stated
how the President looked like an idiot. His intelligence, or unintelligence
rather was so apparent anyone with eyes and ears would surely have noticed.

Keith Carew


First Debate And Is The Election Fixed?


I have been reading the articles on your website ever since you posted the
original piece about George W. Bush as the new Messiah for the Christian Coalition.
It truly confirmed my own analysis and research into this very alarming fact and
the threat it poses NOT only to the United States but to the rest of the world.

I first learned of your website thru Chris Floyd's column in the Moscow Times
section Global Eye. His well researched articles share yours and my own
opinions what plans George W. Bush and his kindred spirit have in mind for
America and the rest of the world, in particular Iraq and the greater Middle East.

At this moment, I like to thank you for your excellent work in exposing the truth
behind this Machiavelian organization and sharing this very important information
with the rest of the world thru your Website. It truly is a great Public Service to
not only the United States but to all people of the world who have read your work.
Many of your articles I have personally emailed to friends and relatives in Holland
and in Canada.

In regards to "It Was A Rout," I totally share your sentiments described but cannot
help but feel that this powerful, Machiavelian organization has already been
hyjacking the United States elections behind the scenes before the actual votes are cast.
I truly hope I am wrong but anyone who like myself , raised with the knowledge of
History, in particular that of Europe during WW 11, sees un-canny similarities of events
and those yet to happen.

The manner in which George W. Bush stated his certainty that he was going to win
re-election during the first Bush -Kerry debate provided ample signals that he knows
the PLAN for his hold on Power. To myself it was reminiscent of the exact mannerisms
and utterances Richard Perle voiced and displayed on Canadian Television BEFORE
War was declared on Iraq by the President of the United States a week or two PRIOR
to the actual invasion.

I very much like to think that Democracy is still alive in America but intuition tells me that
it is more on life support at this moment and that the current President's administration is
about to pull the plug on the Constitution to ensure their hold on Power. As a matter of fact,
General Tommy Franks shared that exact sentiment in an interview given to a somewhat
obscure Magazine some months ago.

Again, I hope I am wrong and overly pessimistic but knowing the type of individuals that
currently drive the machinery of this White House, I personnally truly think that the "FIX"
is already in.

Again many thanks for your excellent work and as someone in cyberspace who is not
normally into writng emails of this type to anyone's website, it may have provided you
with further insight how seriously your work is read.

Sincerely, Kip,
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada.


On Rev. Spoonworthy's Exhortation to Repent


God told Joshua He didn't come to take sides He came to take over. That is
still the case. Your pulling everybody's leg aren't you! Surely any prophet
worth their salt would know the difference between miscarriage and abortion.
If they claim to speak for God they should know God required punishment for
causing a miscarriage. God isn't joining the Democratic Political Party; God
desires us to give our full allegiance to Him. I am going to vote according
to Biblical standards not the words of a very flaky so called prophet.

Bill Davis


Hurricanes and the Rev. Spoonworthy


I found the anonymous article abut the Rev. Spoonworthy very thoughtful,
though I share your caveats about it. In a supportive mode, however, I send
along the following link that maps the paths of the four hurricanes that hit
Florida and the voting patterns. Though I am not qualified to confirm the
accuracy, it is very interesting!

Ted Cole, Jr.



On the Rise of Dominionism


Thank you for you Web site. It's comforting to know that someone
has been diligent about following the course of the religious right
into the American political establishment. Bravo and many blessings!

Adel Hermas



The Despoiling of America--Viewed from Germany

An American colleague, also a crosscultural consultant, sent me a
copy of your Yurica report with the subject line "If this doesn't
scare you, nothing will". I indeed was greatly alarmed, and had a
headache for two days! (unheard of for me). So much of what I
had observed and felt sudddenly all fell into place.

At the debate tonight in Amerika haus in Munich, full of expats and
interested Germans, I was struck by the nice young representative
of the Republicans saying several times that the war on Iraq, the
preemptive war policy, and the removal of civil rights by the Patriot
Act were "necessary", just as you had explained in your report.

Germans 60 years ago were told to be "strong" and not give in to
any emotions such as human compassion, which would be weakness,
but to do their duty for a supposed greater good. They learned by
bitter experience what war means and how one can be deceived by
abstract ideals and propoganda. American soldiers were in Bavaria after
WW2, and some Germans remember them warmly. Germans used to
react very positively when I said I was American, now they ask me to
explain how it can be that their ideal of a United States of freedom and
democracy is being destroyed.

Back to the event tonight, in the first part of the young Republican's speech,
he repeatedly said how "proud" he was of what George Bush had done in
his four years as president. He brought virtually no proof for these alleged
accomplishments, yet repeatedly said that the choice of candidate was
clear for anyone who knew the facts, and implied that the facts supported
his rosy, responsible sounding picture of Bush's presidency. He was so nice,
so likeable, that I really wanted to believe him, and for a moment even
wondered if there might be some truth in what he said. He so obviously
believed it himself.

One woman I spoke to at the debate told me she thought Michael Moore
should be crucified, that he was a pure horror. I pointed out that all he has
said in the film is documented, and that it is the facts in the film of what has
been done that is horrendous, not him.

Members of my own family and some friends, who are good people, also are
convinced by the Bush rhetoric. I am puzzled how to break their paradigm of a
government which would not do anything wrong, when their emotional makeup
does not want to hear or believe any contradictory information to the comfortable
picture they have.

Your report and your website are rays of light in the murky darkness of delusion
and deceit. I will pass it on to everyone I know!

Thank you!!


The Despoiling of America

After reading "Jesus Plus Nothing" I contacted Jeff Sharlet and we have
swapped some emails. I have been studying trends in "Christendom" for
the last couple years after an abusive situation in a Church I was attending.
I have been blown away by what I have found. I am familiar with some of
the folks who have lived with "the Family" at the Cedars in Nothern Virginia
and always thought they resembled a group that thought they were the
Master race. Little did I know my instincts may not have been far from the
truth. Your article on Dominionism has blown me away again! Having read
some about Dominionism and Reconstructionism it was quite interesting to
read of the roots and idealogical basis. I want all non-christians reading about
dominionism to know "we aren't all like that!" And I want all my evangelical
friends to know more of the what is posing in sheep's clothing. Thank you for
your work!



Document Reveals Mr. Bush Took Aim at Iraqi
Oil Before the 2000 Election


I enjoyed your article. Now, the trick is getting it out there. Dare we hope
the corporate media will touch this story with a ten foot pole? Sadly, I don't
see any Ed Murrows out there at the moment. I am sure you have read the
recent book, Cronies. Tells us quite a bit about the Texas cabal and how it
has come to dominate our country, economically and politically. This is a
dangerous crowd, as the book reveals. Their greed knew (knows) no bounds.
I believe they got their foot in the door for good on November 22, 1963.
They have been profiting handsomely ever since. Question: how do we reclaim
our democracy?

Tom Sciamanna


Document Reveals Mr. Bush Took Aim at Iraqi
Oil Before the 2000 Election


Thank you for the perceptive article. But why the reluctance to
connect the dots and explicitly notice the 900 pound gorilla in the
room--the 9/11 covert op designed to pave the road to Iraq? Cheney's
9/11 team left so many smoking guns (40 are listed in David Griffin's
excellent The New Pearl Harbor) that only the willful blindness of
the major media is keeping the American people from rising up and
taking their democracy back. Last week's Zogby poll shows that
Americans are ready for truth. As WC Fields said, why not take the
bull by the tail and look the facts in the face?

Kevin Barrett
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of African Languages and Literature


[Editor's note: The Yurica Report published "Fraud Traced to the
White House" by Katherine Yurica in April 2003. It published
"RICO! Why the Bush Administration Should Be Prosecuted as
a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization" in August, 2003. It
published a series of articles by Katherine Yurica revealing that
laws were being passed by Congress by using undemocratic bullying
tactics and bribes. It published John Dean's series of articles that
reveal Mr. Bush lied to Congress, in violation of federal law.
It published John Dean's articles that outline the power of a single
civil suit aimed at a corrupt administration. Dean revealed that during
the Nixon years, the DNC filed the shot that was heard around the
world causing Watergate to explode and Nixon to resign. Where
are the citizens with the courage and the resources to file the lawsuit
that will bring down what has been called the most corrupt administration
in the history of the U.S.? The Yurica Report has in fact connected the dots
sufficiently to get at the truth in a court of law with subpoenas, depositions,
and interrogatories, the tools used to bring down Richard Nixon.]


Document Reveals Mr. Bush Took Aim at Iraqi
Oil Before the 2000 Election


Great stuff. This is the first I have read by you. Keep up the great work.
I found a link to your article on Buzzflash. I have also forwarded it to other
lists. Hope it gets widely read. Thanks for your work,

Larry Parker


On the Hurricane Prophecy

Unless there is a person in attendance who can translate, speaking
in tongues is NOT scriptural. This is in any King James Version. Also
the repenting is of NO good, unless it is followed as in 2 Chronicles
7:14 with the REST OF THE PROGRAM which is pretty simple:
the repenter needs to "change their ways" and as long as the person
is still using the products of the Federal Reserve System credits, usury
is forbidden in the Scriputre, so anyone with a mortgage, making car
payments, etc, is going to have to get rid of all those activities to
qualify for having changed his ways. Otherwise the repenting is useless.

In His HOLY name,

Muriel Schmidt

[Editor's Note: Muriel, we agree with you that a translator has to be
present and the article implies that Sister Eudora gave the translation,
so that makes the event scriptural. We also agree that repentance means
changing one's ways--in this case--voting for John Kerry and Democrats
seems to be the way to full recovery! But unless you define usury as
any amount of interest--no matter how small--we can't go along with
you on the Federal Reserve System, mortgages, car payments, etc. But
we do agree that exorbitant, uncontrolled interest is usury!]


On Hurricanes And Election Fraud!


Found your site in a search on the election fraud and
hurricanes to see if anyone thought there was some

I came from a fundamentalist background (yikes!) but
have rejected it's politics and consider myself a
social aware somewhat liberal Christian. As a child,
was dragged to a Jerry Falwell anti-gay deal in
Southern California among other scary events.

I applaud your efforts.

Raymond Del Rio.



Increasing Medicare Costs


Thanks for the informative article. As an "emerging" medicare recipient
I can relate to the increase. For the last six-years I have been
without healthcare of any kind (somewhere a CEO is smiling) while
paying into the fast shrinking fund only to be faced with an increase!
I have a condition that necessitates the use of an anti-inflammatory
drug but because of the lack of medical insurance, I use over the
counter drugs, Aleve, Asprin, etc.

We keep hearing the reasoning that we can't buy drugs from Canada
and elsewhere because they are not safe. I understand that the Canadians
buy the drugs from our drug companies so I guess that's a valid concern.
As I am writing this I am looking at a bottle of Aleve... made in Spain that I
bought at Longs Drugs, so that leads me to the conclusion that Spain
is okay but Canada is not. Very puzzling logic.

I guess my generation and all the future generations had better
get accustomed to paying more and receiving less. What better reason
NOT to vote for BushCo. in November, as if they are going to play fair
and relinquish power. The "Glaring Gap" in Medicare is the fault of my
elected employees' representatives who certainly have my best
interests in mind and now we get to pay more for that Gap. It seems the
mindset is that it is cheaper to have wars and not honor the promises
to people that have been paying into Medicare and Social Security all
these years. Suckers are Us!!

Bill Dekking



Hurricane Charlie And the Rev. Spoonworthy


How can she be so sure that it was God speaking? If it was, he/she
certainly doesn't sound like a very kind individual. I'm inclined to
think that it was the Devil, considering the content and the tone of
what he is supposed to have said. Now I believe that Jesus said, "I
come not in peace but with a sword." His father, if that is indeed who
it was, is coming with much worse than a hurricane. I think it is much
more likely to be Satan, and in that case we can get someone to do an
exorcism, maybe on the good Reverend Spoonworthy.

Bruce Barkman



Where Have All the Flowers Gone?


A friend sent me this, and I looked at it and the stark truth of it stands
out. It's a map showing the hometown of American fatalities in Iraq.
Save for Texas, this is a war where blue states' kids have died for the
politics of red states' adults. I showed it to my wife without comment,
and she instantly came to the same conclusion. I am assuming that most
folks know that Bush didn't win Florida.

I don't know where the map came from, as I don't have a URL.

Frank Smith


Hurricane Charlie


I know this sounds odd-but the day before the storm hit-I wrote a poem
called-Is Hurricane Charley Florida`s Payback-I placed it on the
Starlite Cafe Poetry Board-which I submitt works to on a daily basis.



Hurricane Charlie


I am very naive by nature, so forgive me-- I have to ask-- is
that article about Rev Spoonworthy for real? If not, it's
still a wonderful article. I'm curious. Love your website,
BTW. I check it daily. I have to get my news from internet
sources since regular media has abdicated thier responsibility.
Keep up the good fight.


[Editors Note: We have been unable to verify the existence
of Rev. Spoonworthy or the existence of her church. How-
ever we believe her prophetic utterances are genuine.]


A New Reader's Impression

I found your website almost by accident, having seen a link
to it in an email sent by a fellow member of a Yahoo Group
to which I belong. Wow! What eye-opening stuff! I am an
agnostic-cum-borderline atheist and all of the material on
Dominionism at your site reads like something out of Orwell via
Kafka! I think these bozos are the most dangerous humans alive
and loose in the world today. Previously, I thought only the
Tom Delay types were scarey, but now I see that Shrub is just
as bonkers. (I could excuse Delay's lunacy; after all, he was an
exterminator in Sugarland, and those guys spray a lot of weird
chemicals all over -- I had to suppose his second-hand huffing
had made him mad as a hatter. And, after all, James Carville
said on *Firing Line* that Delay got the way he is from spraying
too much shoe polish on his hair, heh heh heh.) I plan to visit your
site often to see what news you have and get your thoughts on
matters cognate. Thanks for putting up the site, and best wishes
with it in the future. --

James M. Martin


Abu Ghraib Whitewash


Keep up the pressure. These people forgot the computer
was invented. It is written. If we fight the galoots of the
world, we might not have to fight the terrorists they are giving
birth to.

William J. Foley


People of the Lie by Scott Peck


Thank you for stating the obvious - there are very few
people who are willing to make the connections between
the Bush administration and what M. Scott Peck has
written about
. However, all they have to do is to look at
the consequences of his administration.

Susan Henshaw



Christians for Kerry-Christians Against Bush


Dear fellow Internetters (is that a word?):

It's three months to the election, and on the
Internet is a growing clamor of Christians who
are not right-winged Republicans or Bushites.
Many are looking for a Christians for Kerry site.

With this site, begun today:

Christians for Kerry. Christians against Bush.

Melanie Lee



On Ron Reagan's Analysis of George W. Bush


Ron Reagan's accurate dissection of George Bush strikes
a resonating chord in all of us who know, as Reagan does,
exactly what Bush is doing, while Bush in his monumental
conceit, knowing exactly what he is doing, cannot conceive
that we could know, that to those of us outside his ideology
he has long ago been exposed as the manipulative, proudly
ignorant, illiterate personification of unethical, immoral and
intellectual failure.

Unsaid but implied in Reagan's article is the supreme insult
that Bush has committed on the people of our country: Bush,
being simple minded, assumes that we are even more simple
minded than he is, allowing him to fool all of us. This is
personally insulting to me. Of all the mistakes unknown to
him, this is his worst, and it is unforgivable.

Just once, I would like to see a candidate for President,
when asked for his or her position on the issues, say,
"It doesn't matter what I think about the issues or how
people live their lives, I will be bound by law to follow the
duties of President as provided in the Constitution, written
and authorized by the people. If you want to know what I'll
do as President, read the Constitution, if you want me to get
into other things, you'll have to amend the Constitution to
include those things." That's how I would answer if I were
running for President. Like Ron Reagan said of himself, I
never will.

Ed Martin

Fort Worth TX



The New York Times Editorial: Politicking On Marriage


I found the above-referenced article offensive. It referred to
George Nethercutt as “the conservative”. Nethercutt is not
conservative at all. He is classically “moderate” that is, unprincipled.
There is no position he will not find room to change if necessary.
His renowned breaking of his term-limits pledge is just one bread
crumb of a trail of broken promises. Reed Davis is the only
conservative in the race.

Doug Parris


Help to Locate Reports on Bush's Obscene


Dear Sir,

Can you get me a wide range of reports on Bush’s obscene
outbursts? This is the first I have heard of it and I would love
to make some hay with actual quotes from undeniable sources.
By undeniable I mean cabinet members commenting on it to the
press…. Please help me out here, this could be FUN.

Timothy L. Price


[Editor's Note: Have you tried Google?]


George W. Bush's Erratic Behavior


For the past four years I have been living in a personal hell writing scores
of letters to Congressmen about Bush's antics including his weird
9/11 behavior. THERE HAS TO BE MORE TO 9/11 THAN IS
BEING REVEALED. I recall reading of a White House luncheon
back in 2002 the 27th day of, was it July?, I can't recall, where he
laughed and joked about how everything was falling into place. He said
he had hit the trifecta. This is the most unbelievable time in American
history where we have allowed this insanity to go on. I get tired of writing
so many hundreds of letters while half of the country praises INSANITY.
Another BIG thing that bugs me is Billy Graham's support of this loon. I
wrote to Billy Graham several years ago through his web site and received
a response that Graham has decided to stay out of politics. I haven't yet
written to Graham about what this passage of Scripture says. "IT IS
JUDGMENT. Billy Graham, by keeping silent is just as responsible as Bush.

Elaine N. Ramey


How State Electors Are Chosen And What States
Are the Big States


In a Presidential election, each state in the Union, except Maine and
Nebraska, apportions all of its electors to the winner of the state's
popular vote, not on a district-by-district or precinct-by-precinct basis.
This is called the Unit Rule, or "winner take all." If we attempt to elect
a third party man to the office of the President, he must have more votes
than any other contender, including the Republican nominee and the
Democrat nominee. Generally, whoever captures the most populated
states wins, regardess of how the other states go. The "big" states are
CA (54), NY (33), TX (32), FL (25), PA (23), IL (22), OH (21).
The electors from state to state do not even represent the same number
of voters. For example, Wyoming has an elector for every 165,000 people
and Texas has an elector for every 652,000 people. Amazingly, according
to Findlaw online, the state in which you reside permits you to vote for
electors only as a matter of "legislative grace."

There are several web sites that discuss this. Go to your search engine and
type in Presidential vote "except Maine and Nebraska", with quotations
around "except Maine and Nebraska".



On the RNC Convention Schedule


Your satirical article about the schedule
for the Republican National Convention is funny,
but it has been published under a picture
of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center -- poor taste!

Ber Hi

[Editor's note: the article is not published under a picture
of the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center at our site!]



Ann Coulter's McCarthyism Challenged


I was reading the article online about Ann Coulter’s book:
"The New, Unabashed McCarthyism: A Review of Treason:
Liberal Treachery From The Cold War To The War On Terrorism

You have your rights to disagree, but I don’t find any “evidences”
to argue Ann’s point in your article. You merely disregard her
statement and research, but do not provide any evidence for
your stance. I am tired of hearing the left shout out their opinions
but never provide the information for anyone to read and determine
their own opinions based on historical fact. I know that Ann Coulter
is expressing her opinion, but at least she is referring to historic
records, and even suggesting that others go to the sources to rea
for themselves. She at least has the confidence that any logical
thinking individual will come out with similar opinions as her.
The Left has always been the machine of propaganda, and
now that the right is gaining a louder voice, the Left will do
anything to discredit the Right.

Respectfully yours, Steve

[Editor's Note: Mark Zaid's review is found at: http://www.
However, there is also an important link to Joe Conason's
deconstruction of Coulter's book which reveals
the extent of
the factual errors. Conason writes, "So replete is "Treason"
with falsehoods and distortions, as well as so much plain
bullshit, that it may well create a cottage industry of corrective
fact-checking." ]



On Fahrenheit 9/11

Your in-depth review of Fahrenheit 9/11 hit the proverbial nail
right on its head. The camera does not lie. Michael Moore has
presented an artful expose of the Bush camp. Inflammatory, yes.
Truthful, undeniably. The members of the audience with whom
we shared a sold-out opening night viewing were stunned, and
I believe we went away feeling not only challenged but also finally
empowered by what we had been shown, united in our determination
that we would no longer stand idly by while our country was being
robbed. For too many years Americans have been robbed of our
environment, our health, our young people, our honor. We want it
all back. Fahrenheit 9/11 along with Outfoxed, the excellent story
behind Rupert Murdoch's media conglomerate, have opened many
eyes to what happens when too many good people take refuge
behind their own zones of comfort, and the prospect is scary. But
there is a lot of progressive energy out there to be tapped, and your
website offers one beacon in the darkness. Thanks for your intrepid
pursuit of the truth!

E. A. Keeble
(From the deep south)



Your Web Site Is Radical Leftist Psychobable!


Your Yurica Report is only a bunch of radical leftist psychobabble. If
you really believe your subjective misinforming diatribes you must be in
dire need of freudian psychiatric treatment. Now use your search feature
to access (postmodern) to find out what is really going on in the u.s.
and the world today.

Clifton Womack


The Despoiling of America


I just completed reading the Yurica Report concerning the Machiavellian
techniques of the Christian Right. The most appalling thing is the realizatrion
that George Bush may be brilliant, not dumb. I knew there was a
connection between him and the Left Behind author, and I desperately
wanted to find something that I could use to reach two of my relatives
who believe the Christian Fundamentists; I think this artilce is my
ammunition. Thank you....

Marie Schurr.


Just Found Your Web Site


I just found your website through information clearing house. It's
like getting a present just because. I signed up for your mailing list
and I'm looking forward to reading more. What a great site!!!

Colleen Parker


Onward G.O.P. Soldiers


This is getting really frightening. The manipulation
of this group of voters has been mounting steadily.

Given the fear-mongering of the Bush Gang,
many of these people will be afraid of NOT voting
for Bush; after all, they turned over their names
and addresses to the Republican Party.
Fearful people's imaginations run wild....and right
into Bush's greasy arms.

What a sick, sick bunch of people.

God help us,


John Dean's Article About Ambassador Joe Wilson


You should re-think your ability to be objective since
your background colors your opinions. You Hate Nixon
and you view everything (Republicans) in that light. I
personally pay no attention to you or your opinions;
I was directed to your site by another columnist,
otherwise I would never had [sic] read your piece.

Stella Negrete


The Apparent Honorable Motives of Ambassador Wilson

The apparent honorable motives of Ambassador Wilson.
I am, ROFLMA. Would you like to amend this story?


Paul and Lois Hartman



The Apparent Honorable Motives of Ambassador Wilson


Thank you for the subject article. Pres Bush and his VP seem
to be very telflon coated. Like many other things, I believe the
Pres and VP have this one under control as well. We will see!


About Pat Robertson's Charity


Reading what you wrote below in footnote 49 of The Despoiling of
reminded me that I heard portions of Robertson only twice
about fifteen years ago. He was telling about a huge amount of money
that he had collected for seeds for the Appalachian region in which I live.
The amount of seeds it would have purchased, planted and grown would
have the entire area lost among plants with a fortune left over. It was an
obvious lie. (I never heard of anyone receiving anything from him.)

Doesn't anyone think for themselves?


"[49] Dominionists may argue with some credibility that they do believe in helping the
poor; however, they want churches to undertake that task and adamantly fight against
government social aid programs funded from tax monies—unless of course—it is a so-
called “faith based” initiative. Pat Robertson forgot his objections to the government
handing out money and gratefully accepted the $500,000 Mr. Bush sent him early in
his administration for “good faith based charitable work.” Regardless of their protestations,
however, the churches of America cannot and do not have the billions of dollars to provide
the social safety net for the poor, elderly and sick among America’s population. In 1985,
for example, Robertson bragged CBN gave $50 million worth of food, clothes, and supplies to
8.5 million people, but that was what he called “leveraged” contributions, in which CBN had
joined with other charities. Robertson admitted they gave only $10 million. Deducting the
$2 million of CBN’s contributions to the Contras in Central America, CBN’s total contribution
amounted to only about eighty-eight cents to every hungry, needy person he said CBN helped."



Veteran CIA Agents Demand Cheney's Resignation

Full Text of Memo to Bush


Gentlemen. I also am a vet of the Viet nam era. I believe that Mr Cheney
should be removed, and tried for his many crimes. While we are at it, lets bring
all the admin to task for high crimes, and letting 911 happen.Regards and thank
you for your efforts John Lenzini Traverse City Mi. PS if i can help your movement
please let me know...



Veteran CIA Agents Demand Cheney's Resignation


I've just read this memo for the first time, almost a year after it was written and
I think it's brilliant! Unfortunately, a memo with such amunition is kept hidden
in some website in cyber space instead of being in newspapers, magazines etc.
In light of the recent charges against the CIA, there should be a renewed effort
to get this memo circulating to the right people, the mainstream media and
international news sources.

G.M. Tile



On Being a Liberal


Thank you Mr. Crews for giving some moral support to beleaguered liberals like
me. I am sick and tired of being a made a pariah by the likes of so-called conservatives
and so-called Republicans. Many of those hollering the loudest about liberals hating
America, are the most unpatriotic citizens of all. Some are guilty of treason as far as
I am concerned and should be put on trial for advocating the overthrow of the government.

Dick Stencil


About the Yurica Report Site: Is You
or Is You Not Pro-Democrat?


Your site is excellent but are you pro-democrat?

As I believe both sides (Dems and Reps) are on the same
side (just giving the people a (cough) "choice", I would be
disappointed to know that you are pro Democrat. However,
I would also be interested in your reasons if this were so.

(I also find that in Australia we have the same lack of choice.
Both parties working for the same people - elite, corporations?
Anyone but the people.)

Thank you
Daphne O'Brien

(Editor's note to our Aussie friends: We think there's a
vast difference between the parties. One party is from Mars,
the other is from Venus. We are for the people who care for
others, the people who hold the true American values of truth,
justice, liberty, kindness and respect for others, who love their
neighbors as themselves--even if the neighbor is a liberal or a
conservative; we are for the people who want peace and refuse
to glorify war; we are for the people who want medical coverage
and retirement benefits and education for all Americans--and not
for the enrichment of corporations; we're for leaders who will
follow the Geneva Conventions; who would never allow the Justice
Department to write arguments on why the president or his soldiers
are exempt from the law when it comes to torturing prisoners
and we are for the leaders who would never incarcerate prisoners
without a trial to be held for life at the pleasure of an administration.
We are for liberty and our Constitution; we are for separation of
church and state. And we are against intolerance, bigotry, hatred,
and political dominion over others.)



About a Letter About the Bible Published Below


I read your letter about the bible and i dont have much time i dont usually write letters
back either but your ignorance astounds me all those things you stated are what they
did in that time those laws do not apply to anyway people nowadays are u dumb sir...
Im not even a Christian im more of a reader and when i read the bible even i saw that
there is only one law that God states and it can be found in the new testament which
says Love one another... dear sir.. your patronizing condescending letter was horrible
your so lucky i dont have time to gather my thoughts to really make you feel stupid but
bascially that letter was a waste of time please get the facts about the bible or actaully
read the whole bible be4 you take things out of context its people like you that brain
wash other ignorant people who can't think for themselves thank you love ya



The Despoiling of America

This is indeed very disconcerting and appalling to say the least! I am a
Christian and believe in the return of Christ and His future kingdom, but I
don't believe man has the right or the moral capacity neccessary to accomplish
such a feat. It all sounds so arrogant!! Man, who is a finite being, fighting to
establish the kingdom of One whom the bible refers to as "KING OF KINGS"
and "LORD OF LORDS", who says of Himself: "I am the LORD: that is my
name: and MY GLORY WILL I NOT GIVE TO ANOTHER". (Isa 43:8)
The building of God's kingdom will never be accomplished by finite man, it is
God who prepares the kingdom for His servants (Heb 11:16). The only "divine
mandate" that a Christian has is the preaching of the gospel of the kingdom,
and to defend the fatherless, the widow, and the poor. That has always been the
church's mission. To deviate from this commandment of the Holy Writ is to
severely hamper the chuch's main objective: to declare to the world the love of God
by preaching the gospel and serving one another in love. Anyone familiar with history
can tell you that theocracy is the most brutal and malignant form of dictatorship the
world has ever seen.
The Holy See of Rome in the Dark ages, the great czars of Russia,
Hitler's Third Riech, all are responsible for the deaths of untold millions (all, of course, in
God's name), not to mention killing off of Christianity in Europe in general. Is this where
our so-called leaders of the church are leading us? To a place where the murder of those
who don't believe in Jesus or the way they believe in Him is sanctioned by God? To a
place where Christians in America become beasts in service of a soulless church who
serves a hate-filled Messiah? God help those Christians who support these people!
They may very well find themselves on the left hand of Christ than on the right, as goats,
not sheep, on "that day".

Peace be unto all.

Dave Cross Jr.


A Herb Titus Supporter


I have been impressed with Herb Titus' herculean efforts on behalf
of Judge Moore and would like to thank him. Is there a web-site
or e-address to do so?

Bryan Hodges.



HR 3799


I am in favor of HR 3799. Federal Judges have not listened to the people,
but have implemented their personal beliefs upon the law.

JK Fleming


HR 3799


As a voter I want to express my support for this bill. Advise how best to do this.

Tim Shell


Can Bush Pardons Be Prevented Before January?


Thank you for the time and effort you have invested into the research
and presentation of the material you publish in The Yurica Report.
The first article I read on your site was the remarkable piece on
Dominionism and this administration, and it explained with facts so
many of the hunches I had about these times. In welcome addition to
this, it gave me a breadth of understanding to the goals and methods
of the Conservative Chrisitan political movement. It opened my eyes
to the world around me. Thank you, very sincerely.

Since I read it in February I've been on a pretty steady diet of
anti-Bush/Cheney (or, positively stated, "pro-democracy") reading
material, from books by Al Franken, Jim Hightower, Ariana Huffington,
and John W. Dean to web based services like,, and, of course, your site at What a ride.

I see a few nascent cracks developing in the facade of invincibility
presented thus far by the Bush 2004 campaign that give me the hope
that the body politic may once again defeat Bush in the polls come
November, and this time the margin of victory may be too much for his
campaign to cheat away. I'm ready to be optimistic now. But I'm
thoroughly convinced that this administration is not only inept, but
it is criminally corrupt, from the highes offices in the White House
to every decision maker they appointed in each department of the U.S.
government. The light at the end of the tunnel I've been pinning my
hopes on was that, once sanity regained the majority in the House and
Senate, these corrupt officials can be duly prosecuted for their
corrupt actions.

But then my heart sank. Assuming President Bush loses the election
this November, is there anything the citizens, congress, or courts can
do to prevent him from pardoning each and every one of his cronies for
all their criminal actions they have taken to so badly damage this
country? If charges against them were filed by the House or Senate
minority this summer under the RICO statutes, as you laid out in your
article "RICO!: Why the Bush Administration Should Be Prosecuted as a
Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization", could charges and
prosecution proceed far enough in the courts by January 19, 2005, to
prevent Mr. Bush from issuing his pardons? If not, and the pardons
were granted as I expect, and if the RICO charges were to continue
their journey through the courts, could these individuals be brought
to justice for actions for which they had already received a
presidental pardon, albeit one from the president of a criminal

If you feel articles you have already written don't fully address this
question, and you or your law-minded associates have the time to
address this, I'd be very interested in your thoughts along these
lines. I would like to see the big question of the inevitability of
presidential pardon and how to prevent it this time around get wide
distribution into the minds of journalists, activists, progressives,
and other folks who can make a difference. If there is no way to
prevent these otherwise guaranteed pardons and enforce the rule of law
at all levels of our society and government, any win in November will
be short lived, as the cabal will resume their efforts to disprove
the statement, formerly accepted as fact, that we are a country of
laws, not men.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Once again, my sincere
thanks for your remarkable effort behind the scenes of The Yurica


Best regards,

Wally Wharton


The Despoiling of America


This and other of your articles scare the living s___
out of me. Nontheless, I am so very thankful for the
information you are sharing. Keep up the marvelous work.


Stan Alprin

Governor Arnold Punches Workers'
Compensation Into a Limp Blob


Your biased journalism happened to conveniently miss the
fact that the previous piece of garbage that you call a worker's
compensation system cost employers the most of any state in
this country and was sending this local economy into a tailspin
of huge proportions. Meanwhile, workers were receiving the
least in benefits as compared to all other states in the union.

The system lawyers and doctors, all the while, were having a
feast with the former system. What a shame that it could not
continue for you and your other "brotherhood" at the Bar
Association, eh?

Jeff Aslakson

The Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004


Right on. Put the pressure on. No Theocracy needed
or wanted.

Bill D.


On The Use of Machiavellian Means


The one item missing from your essay is the fact that the greater
evil was purpurtrated [sic] against us by the Arab, Muslim world.
I don't really know where you are coming from, you might be
a sympathizer with them. Why should anyone believe you?
Maybe you are lying. Evil always shrouds itself with the truth
when necessary. It fools people and then destroys them if
possible. I think we have to protect ourselves as a nation,
and if the president and his people think this is the way to
do it then most Americans will be on their side. Believe it
or not, most people instinctively know when they are being
lied to and when lies are necessary to win against a greater
evil you have to do it. To me the Clinton type of person,
fooled us into believing we were safe, when in reality, we
weren't. If the Government didn't lie in WW II to get us
into the war, with Pearl Harbor knowledge beforehand,
we might all be learning German in school now. So Madam,
pick your evil.



For Whom the Bell Tolls


Yurica's argument about the bill on homosexuality has a
serious flaw. The Bible does describe marriage as between
male and female. Thus marriage between male and male;
female and female are abominations. It is true that
fornication/adultery covers all sexual sins and NONE
ARE PERMISSIBLE; but a careful reading of the Bible
places great revulsion on homosexuality. It follows, that if the
legislature makes amendments to allow such an abomination
to be legal, they shake their fist at God. Of course, I am not
calling for any lethal action against homosexuals, but I say
such marriage cannot, under God, be promoted by a state

Jonathan Smith


Al Gore's Speech


"Dominance is as dominance does."


Dear Editor:

This address by Al Gore deserves the widest circulation.
I heartily concur. God bless you and your work.

Vilis Lietuvietis,

The Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004


This bill needs to pass the House as soon as possible. Now!
The Senate needs to address this now also.

Thank you,

Conrad Pogorzelski


Hug an Evangelical by Nicholas D. Kristof


In his article "Hug An Evangelical" Kristof makes a false presumption that
if both sides of the equation were more tolerant of one another
(Gays/Evangelical Right wing Christians) peace would prevail in the valley.

While I do not agree that it is acceptable to insult and condescend to
Fundamentalist Christians, one need only take a careful look at both sides
and it becomes clear that the equation is horribly out of balance.

The political machinery that represents the interests of the "Gay"
population, does not, to my knowledge, have on it's agenda an ideological
mandate to usher in the "final days". The Gays also seemingly do not have
the ear of the powers that be who could steer policy in the direction of
Armageddon. Gays simply want to enjoy the same civil rights that other
Americans do.

Evangelicals want to save the world according to their definition of "save",
and the rest literally "be damned".


Michelle Archer


The Despoiling of America


It is surely true that America is being despoiled but not by people who believe
and trust in God but by people who would change this nation from what was
intended by the founding fathers. Judges who twist and reinterpret the constitution
to their own liking are despoiling this nation. It is time to wake up and take back
our country. This truly is a war for the survival of this the greatest nation on earth.

Ken Bell


The Constitutional Restoration Act of 2004


I fully agree with this Act and would recommend my legislative body in
Washington, D.C. to approve such Act and forward to the President for
signature and inactment into law.

Charles Kolb
Stockton, CA



The Despoiling of America


I have just finished reading your, "The Despoiling of America."

I have e-mailed reference to it to my entire mailing list (except
the few who have banished me to hell!).

Please accept my thanks for your well written dissertation
which confirms with evidence (thank you for the footnotes)
my long held suspicions.

Please, also, keep up your very fine work.

Claude Barnhart


Texas Moves Against "Liberal" Church


I have found you web site very interesting, particularly "recognizing
evil." This all explains a great deal about the inquisition that has
been going on in Texas government. My career, historic interpretation,
truth, museum ethics and the protection of natural resources
have all been a victim. At first, I could not understand how
the constitution, professional ethics and agency mission
could suddenly be officially discouraged and violated, as
well as the defamation and desecration of private religions
beliefs be encouraged and even used against employees.
The change happened after Bush took office.

Are you aware of the latest war against liberal religion
and the free religious search? Yesterday in the Fort Worth
Star Telegram
May 17,

"Texas official says Unitarian church not a tax-exempt religion"

Here's a short partial quote

"AUSTIN, Texas - (KRT) - Unitarian Universalists have for
decades presided over births, marriages and memorials.
The church operates in every state, with more than 5,000
members in Texas alone. But according to the office of Texas
Comptroller Carole Keeton Strayhorn, a Texas Unitarian
church isn't really a religious organization - at least for tax
purposes. Its reasoning: The organization "does not have
one system of belief." Never before - not in this state nor
any other - has a government agency denied Unitarians
tax-exempt status because of the group's religious philosophy,
church officials say. Strayhorn's ruling clearly infringes
upon religious liberties, said Dan Althoff, board president
for the Denison, Texas, congregation that was rejected
for tax exemption by the comptroller's office. "I was surprised
- surprised and shocked - because the Unitarian church in
the United States has a very long history," said Althoff,
who notes that father-and-son presidents John Adams and
John Quincy Adams were both Unitarians....."


How California's Energy Scam Was Linked
to War for Oil


Sending you prayers and a little light after reading "How California's
energy scam was inextricably linked to a war for oil scheme." I'll be
sharing with friends. Thank you.

Donna Marino


On Separation of Church and State


Hello, I was pointed at your story regarding Bush and the funnymentalist
Christians on a Pagan discussion board. Great stuff! I've been following
this nightmare since he was elec... er... put into office and am glad to
get more detailed information. I've been primarily reading about this
connection through the Americans United for Separation of Church and State
(of which I am a staunch member for obvious reasons as a non-Christian) and
thought you would be interested to learn of this story since I didn't see
it linked on your website:

If Best-Selling End-Times Author Tim LaHaye Has His Way, Church-State
Separation Will Be...

Left Behind

By Rob Boston

"[M]ost Americans who read the "Left Behind" books strictly as entertaining
works of fiction may not be aware of LaHaye's record as a key architect of
the Religious Right. His millions of readers probably don't know they're
buying into the paranoid worldview of a fundamentalist extremist who hates
church-state separation, seeks a government-enforced "Christian nation" and
who has a long track record of attacking other religions and promoting
bizarre conspiracy theories.

"LaHaye was co-founder and first president of the Council for National
Policy (CNP), a secretive umbrella group of far right leaders who meet
regularly to plot strategy designed to advance a theocratic agenda. CNP
activists have included Falwell, Pat Robertson, long-time right-wing
strategist Paul Weyrich, the American Family Association's Donald Wildmon,
Focus on the Family's James C. Dobson and former attorney general Edwin
Meese. (Even R.J. Rushdoony, the now-deceased dean of the radical Christian
Reconstructionist movement, was a member.)

"The CNP is also rife with wealthy far-right business executives and
influential Washington ultra-conservatives. The group remains powerful in
the Republican Party to this day. During the 2000 campaign, its members
summoned George W. Bush to a closed-door meeting, where the future
president had to assure the organization that he was a true conservative."

There's other well-researched stories on their website regarding Bush and
his ties to the relligious reich. Thanks again, and I look forward to
visiting your website in the future.

Rev. Willow Polson

Paul Krugman's Article on Tom DeLay


Why are we just now figuring this out? It has taken
me three years of Bush to wake up to the fact that half
of America WANTS to change the status quo,
wants to tumble the wall between Church and
State, WANTS to abolish the Federal Welfare
System, the Tax system, gigantic Bureaucracy.
It will NOT be upset when all this comes to pass,
as so many on the left assume. And as to being
politically incorrect to talk about, that's so much
bunk. It's rapidly becoming reality.

John Vermeer
Morgan Hill, California


About Art and Artists



Art nor artists may never, ultimately,
be objectified. The first cause,
and most useful idea: all things
exist on a subjective plane,
more subjective than what we normally
consider the subjective. We,
and these personal matters,
concern a quest. This story,... a journey.
Santa Ana, Ca

[Paintings, Amazing Self-Portraits, Plus Manifesto]


Comment on Neo-Conned


I read the article on your site and agree with the essence of it.
Me too, I'm dismayed about what is happening within the U.S.

Michael Rasmussen,


The Despoiling of America


I read the article “The Despoiling of America” by Katherine Yurica
with great interest. First, I noted that 80% of her sources are secondary.
If I were grading her “paper” at the graduate level, I would give her a D.
No lawyer could get away with a brief that did not interact with original
sources. At best, the “evidence” is hearsay. Second, I noted that most
of the sources she used were from the Internet. Once again, this is poor
scholarship, especially for a lawyer. Third, since I am an expert on the
topic she covers, I noted numerous factual errors, primarily because she
relied on the poor research of others. Anyone who writes that Gary North
has a Ph.D. in “economics” and not in history demonstrates that he/she
is not familiar with the primary source documents. If you are going to get
people to write on this topic, I suggest that you require that they use
original source documents.

Gary DeMar
American Vision
Powder Springs, GA 30127

Editor's note: To the contrary, we find that Katherine Yurica used original
sources for the majority of her essay. Ms. Yurica quoted Antonin Scalia,
Leo Strauss, Pat Robertson, Walter Cronkite, Gov. Russ Peterson, Gary North,
Ben Kinchlow, Tim LaHaye, Francis Schaeffer, Scott Peck, Michael
Ledeen, Danuta Soderman, and J.Ligon Duncan, III, either from their own
published books or from their own transcribed statements.

The Despoiling of America


Very disturbing when put in the context of events coming out of Washington
these days. I have three sisters who are Fundamentalists, as in brain dead, and
their views on the world are appalling. I cannot choose my relatives but I
can choose who are my political enemies. Our America as we grew up to
know it is in peril by the NeoCons in Congress and the White House.
There is no limit to their corruption of our country. Thanks for the insight
into the Great Right Wing Conspiracy. Conspiracy it is.

Richard Holden



The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004

Senate Bill 2082

I have watched the courts of our country, as they take authority in matters
that belong to the people, to be made by our representatives. I am for
putting them back into their rightful place, and that is to interpret our laws,
not make them. Thank you for giving us a chance to speak out on this subject.
Love in Jesus' name.

M.L. and Pat.

Crown Of Life Ministries
In God we trust




I believe that a major reason that Dominionists are able to promote their
agenda is because, as a nation, we are afflicted with what I call
"christianism." Below is an op-ed piece I wrote about the new religious
fascism. I believe I can replace 'fascist" with "Dominionist" and be on

Even as I read your reports on Dominionism I am acutely aware that you
write from a christianist perspective. You refer to "God," and "The
Bible" as if they are important to your side of the argument. In reality,
we must extricate ourselves from christianism so we can better see the
horror that is ahead of us. As long as we continue to discuss issues on
their territory ("God" and "Bible") they can win. Most Americans seem
committed "to God and country." Note which comes first.

Thank you for all you are doing to awaken the American public!

Donald Cavanaugh

The Despoiling of America


In regards to your report, how is it that this is true? These
people have always objected to these matters. If that is the case why
hasn't anything been said about it? I know Bush is a religious person,
but considering the fact that they want theocracy and they will do
anything to get it, it remains to be far fetched. There would be mass
protest among the populous. I have heard of the Faith Based Initiative,
yet someone smart enough will point it out and hopefully say, "This isn't
good." I haven't seen any trends of there actions. Of course Bush's
proposal to anti-abortion, and his national prayer day facade for
reelection, could suggest otherwise, but maybe something different from



War Crimes



The greatest war crime is against our citizens military that serve in Iraq.
The Iraq war is not a debate, policy decision, or politics it is a legal issue.
The war in Iraq is the greatest war crime in American history. We are
a republic! As such no person, congress or president is above the rule
of law. Congress makes the law that the President carries out.

The resolution approving use of the military had a legal base of the
War Powers Act that mandates "nothing in this joint resolution-
(1) is intended to alter the constitutional authority of the Congress
or of the President, or the provision of existing treaties;".

Military action must be consistent with the Constitution that
states the powers of Congress and the President. In fact the
Constitutions' preamble indicates that it was written for these
United States of America so Congress' authority as stated
requires the military only be used to put down insurrection, (here
in the USA) enforce the laws of the Union (of the United States)
and repel invasions (of the United States).

We have no power to invade the sovereignty and independence of
other nations that have never invaded us. In the case of Iraq the
president and congress have reasons du jour for attacking Iraq and
none were consistent with the constitution. These reasons cited were
preemptive strike, WMD's, take out the tyrant, free the people,
install women's rights, install a democracy, have them write their
own constitution, install a market economy, etc. and now that we
are there we cant pull our because this would create havoc, hell,
our intentions are to convert the birth place of civilization to be our
mirror image! The president and congress not only have committed
treason to their oaths of office to protect, preserve and defend the
constitution; but by high jacking the military for their own
political purposes are also responsible for what amounts
to murders of their own citizen military and those Iraqi citizens
that are defending their country or were "collateral damage".
Our citizen military has the constitutional right to only be used
for the valid reasons it was established for in the Constitution.

William Brueckner


Regarding "Bush Gives In..." March 31, 2004

So Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney will appear before the 9-11 commission
as conjoined twins, and there will be no recordings or transcripts
allowed, and only one note-taker will be permitted during the
proceedings! May I facetiously suggest Laura Bush for the role
of sole note-taker?

L. H. California


The Despoiling of America

Fact not fantasies: I appreciate your boldness against the people who
is using the name of religion or religion for their own mean ends to
control INNOCENT people. I am muslim but as you traced out
people in one faith, even in our religion, like minded people who
is presenting, using the religion in a wrong manner. Dear Yarica,
by writing the TRUTH you are SERVING the 'GOD.' MAY GOD
BLESS YOU in your MISSION....thank you for reading my comments.

Kam S.


The Despoiling of America


To reformat your "The Despoiling of America" so that it wouldn't waste
an enormous amount of paper to print out, took me over an hour. Can it
be that you have no more respect for the environment (and for the
financial welfare of the public) than does George W. Bush? Here's the
end-result of that hour's work (just in case you'll relent and decide to
reformat your ugly paper-wasting website).

Eric Zuesse


The Despoiling of America


Are you serious--these horrible things you say about George Bush?
He is the greatest leader this nation has had in the past 100+ years!
I think you must be seriously disturbed. By the way, it would be a
damn shame if you could not raise the "contributions" you so dearly
need so that you can keep your website alive. Must suck to be you...

A very loyal Bush fan in WA state,

Pat Monk


The Despoiling of America


Please extend a warm thank you to Katherine for her wonderfully lucid
article, "The Despoiling of America."

This is one of the best expositions on "Dominionism" that I have
happened across (not that many have written on this important subject).
Thank you for boldly getting the word out. Do you feel the winds of
change? I do...

Thank you very much and God bless.



The Despoiling of America and For Whom the Bell Tolls


I've just finished reading some of the articles on your website that pertain
to the Dominionist beliefs and viewpoints, and their current power they hold
in American politics. I have been a born again Christian for about 20 years
now and find the Dominion and Reconstructionist views to be rather
unbiblical. Nowhere in any of their literature do they mention that when one
becomes a Christian, we immediately become foreigners in this world, and our
home belongs in heaven. Jesus even said that His kingdom was not of this
world, yet this is lost on them. The things of this world are to become
less and less, yet the Robertson's and LaHaye's desire more riches and power
in order to claim the world for Jesus. Wow, where in the New Testament is
that to be found? Nowhere in any of the letters to the churches by Paul can
be found any request to be involved in building God's kingdom here on earth
through the political process and the use of force. It's nowhere. Is it
possible that these folks will take us to be just like the Catholic Church
was for almost 1500 years.....slaughtering anyone who does not believe just
like Robertson. That's horrible.

While I do disagree with some of your points on homosexuality and
marriage,...I do find nothing that prevents the government from allowing
that to happen, from a secular or political point of view. Even though I do
believe it is wrong from a biblical point of view.

Thank you for writing some great articles and your insight in to these
issues. Keep up the fine work.

Stephen Patrick Hamburger


The Despoiling of America

Just a few comments. One - I do not believe that Bush is a Dominionist.
A Dominionist is a radical negative person. George W Bush is not a
Dominionist but rather an outspoken Evangelical Christian. A Evangelical
Christian is one who strives to know Jesus Christ in a personal way and to
make Him known to others. Two - Bush, like any other human - has a
subjective agenda. Is that a wrong thing? All peoples have the right to vote
their conscious and to share their world and life view with others. Why is it
fine for a radical liberal to share their agenda with others and it is just fine. If
a Evangelical Christian shares their belief, right away the person is labeled a
bigot or a hypocrite. We free Americans ALL have the right to express our
beliefs. That is true regardless of the belief. Three - you take many quotes
from the Holy Bible and incorrectly define what you think the Bible passage
means. In Theology that is termed contextualizing. A person can not read
a small passage of the Holy Bible and ignore the context of when and why the
Bible passage was written. My last point - I did not like the fact that your article
seems to compare the tyrant Jim Jones to a good men like Billy Graham or
George W Bush. It is misinformation to label Jim Jones a Christian. Jim Jones
was a Dominionist. Your article is interesting but it is lots of stretching. God
speed to you.


Tim Boerema.

The Despoiling of America


I just spent most of my Sunday afternoon studying your article which was
forwarded to me by a friend. I want to thank you for the intelligent,
comprehensive approach you've taken in expressing both your views and
knowledge on the subject.

For 21 months now, I have dedicated time every day to seeking answers to
questions I thought I would never need ask about my country. In that
time, I have been challenged to contemplate many frightening secrets.
Initially, I was stunned by the silence that clutched the American
populace after 9/11, and deeply concerned about America's ability to
think and reason.

In recent months, I've been heartened as the fabric of lies that gripped
our nation has begun to unravel under the proliferate force of truth. So
many voices are now being raised, so many interpretations and valuable
opinions shared, but I have been waiting for a comprehensive rationale
for explaining how America could have gotten so far off track. I've
seen pieces of the picture you present over about 30 years time, but
haven't been able to put them together to my satisfaction. You have done
so brilliantly.

I intend to forward your article to my list of interested friends and
associates with a strong recommendation that they take the time to read
through it carefully. I am also thinking of creating a synopsis of your
piece to present to small groups of people who may just be waking up to
the fact that all is not as it seems. Please let me know if you have any
objections or preferences regarding my doing so.

I am particularly concerned about dear Christian friends who seem to
idolize George Bush and are increasingly confused by his lying, but seem
frightened to question his motives. I would appreciate knowing more
about your association with Christianity as it may help to build a bridge.

Thank you again.
Shayla Roberts

The Despoiling of America


I came upon your site only last night and almost by accident. I was up
almost all night reading as many of your postings as I could. I want to
tell you first a little annecdote from my life. Years ago and I mean close
to fifteen years,many times, my family would catch me watching "Christian"
programs,CBN and CSPAN. They would hear my heated exclamations
about what I was watching and more than once I was asked why I watched
that which disturbed me so much. My response was always the same,
"I do this so I will recognise my enemies." So, finally, I want to state that
even though you haven't increased the list of my enemies you have given me
a lot of solid evidence which adds to my own and makes me even more
assured of my judgements. I shall be returning to your site often. THANK YOU.



Arnold to Settle Lawsuits


I live in California and I don't doubt what you said about Arnold
canceling the energy fraud lawsuits three days after his election
but I just haven't seen this reported anywhere else, even on the



[Editor's Note: The Yurica Report published an article titled
"Updates on the Governor-Elect on October 12, 2003. This
article reported that "three days after Mr. Schwarzenegger
won his victory in California, an aide announced that the
governor-elect intends to settle pending energy fraud law-
suits." The aide's remarks were reported by talk show host
Bernie Ward of KGO San Francisco and were published
on the web by Jason Leopold. The article did not report
that Mr. Schwarzenegger had executed this plan.]


The Despoiling of America


Your piece on George W. Bush proposes some interesting
perceptions, and I'm looking forward to finishing reading
it. Thank you for an interesting perspective on the
forces that guide political discourse. I hope you're
mistaken, but I won't count on anything that's happened
in the last thirty years since the radical Right were
welcomed into a threadbare and shrinking Republican Party.

Best wishes,

Jack E.
Ann Arbor, MI


The Despoiling of America


This is a wonderful and insightful article which needs to be shared with as
many Americans as possible! I always sensed that something was suspect
about Rev. Robertson.

Very scary. Please promote this everywhere you can.

Vicki S.


The Despoiling of America


Thank you for your excellent investigative reports on the Christian right and
their sinister political agenda. This is the most frightening social movement
of our times and this information needs to be disseminated widely (something
I’ve been attempting to do since discovering your web site).

M. E.

Iowa City, Iowa


The Despoiling of America


I just found a link to your site on Buzzflash and read "The Despoiling
of America". I am a devout Catholic democrat liberal who has been
searching, searching for someone to explain the madness in this
country. We're getting warm to what's really going on, and the
lies are being finally exposed; but your article goes to the heart
of the problem. Unfortunately, the degree to which this "religion"
has overtaken our government is still not appreciated. I agree
and see daily that many in the Catholic church have indeed been
romanced by the right wing and republican party. They are straying
far from Jesus's teaching. There is a lot of selective reading of the
bible and cobbling together disparate pieces instead of following
the very clear instructions to love one another, practice charity,
not judge one another, etc. They twist everything to justify hate,
intolerance and especially greed. Greed seems to be the ultimate
motive for much of the republican platform.

The secrecy and code-speak of the right wing is a big problem.
It's hard to tackle them without coming across as kind of a
religious nut or conspiracy theorist oneself. 60 Minutes did a
piece recently on the right wing beliefs of end times, the holy land,
the rapture, etc. The lines connecting these people to the president
need to be highlighted over and over again.

Unfortunately, I find many of my republican family and friends
have a knee-jerk reaction to criticism. They cling to outdated
mental descriptions of both parties - republicans are good and
moral stewards of tax dollars and government - democrats are
immoral, godless wastrels responsible for the decline of the
American culture. I believe these caricatures date back to the
60s, but they are repeated today and believed despite massive
evidence to the contrary.

Unfortunately, there are not enough people who see things thus,
so I was just delighted to find your site. Thanks for the truth.
It's been so desperately missing in our great country. Thank you
for this fine and well researched article. I will be reading more on
your site.

Marlena D.


The Despoiling of America


I knew something bad was going on, but I didn't realize it was scripted
by Mr. Robertson. I have been more fascinated by Harold Camping. I
have always tuned away from CBN after about 30 seconds because they lie
when they do the news.

I have thought that, while bush is a problem, he is too stupid to be the
driving force. Also, Rove, Perle, Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and those
guys don't quite strike me as the real leaders of this movement.

So, you have enlightened me, what do we do about it?

Raymond Payne

[Editor's Note: We need volunteers to help post our articles on
Talk Boards, and pages throughout the U.S., Canada,
and the world. We need voluteers to send our articles as press
releases to the press and media. We need researchers, writers,
and brilliant people to offer suggestions, articles, etc. We need
folks to sign up for our mailing list and for our fight against fraud
in the coming elections. That'll do for a starter!


The Despoiling of America--Okay But....


Enjoyed the article, but a few issues need your attention. You two seem
[to have] done most of your homework as far as machiavelli and his
contemporary 'christian' adherents machinations are concerned...but -
firstly, a jesuit by any other name is, still a jesuit. I'm surprised, as
forthcoming as you are - why you neglected to trace/strike this at its
actual root? You're hacking at branches. It is a very old 'play book' indeed,
and served the 'holy see' very well in earlier days, hence its revival/adoption
by the protestant thumpers, as their MO in their quest for Domination.
Only took them a few centuries, but they've finally wised up.

Is your neglect of proper attribution - ignorance, or your own agenda
to misdirect? The rest of your essay seems to want to give credit, where
credit is due, but your historical 'hole' concerning the 'jez' is to be
scolded...tsk, tsk...

"Let me see your face and look into your eyes. Let me hear you say,
"There is no difference between the two parties." May God help us and
grant us discernment when we vote."

Secondly, I hate to shatter someone's illusions but, you are once again
hacking at branches. Strike the root. Look into MY eyes, and hear me
say, "Verily, there is no difference between either - to discern.
I believe God helps those who help themselves. You - must first lift the
veil from your eyes, to see. our vote, our voice, is gone."

Obviously, you have not done your homework on the voting issue,
dear kat & laurie, if you expect voting to save us. This hijacked
repug cabal - effectively control the voting process, and no matter
how strongly 'they' are opposed in the voting booth, it will amount
to ...squat. one of the larger manufacturers of the electronic voting
apparatus, prince GWB has by presidential edict mandated 'we the
people' use to vote, is owned in-house by 'elect' member O'Dell.
Scaife, Ahmanson, and many others, at least ideologically if not
evangelically are traceable to this cabal, and support its objectives
through; indirect/covert ownership of the other ele. vote machine mfgs,
ownership of the media, and heavy monetary donations to their mascot -
GWB's warchest and his dry drunk's crusade. read up...tsk tsk...

Until 'we the people' somehow regain control of our elections, and
can guarantee the veracity of their outcomes, elections are simply
diversionary, and masturbatory, welcome to the newest banana republic.

Here's to more indepth research,

[Editor's Note: Machiavelli's work was original and he was the
first to put his governance concept on paper. And by the way
we live in tree country, and most lumberjacks here climb to the
top of Douglas Firs and top the tree and its branches first before
felling it. Secondly, you failed to look on our home page. Had you
ventured forth you would have found a real effort and a methodology
has been presented at the Yurica Report to insure a fraud free
election. We have been supporting Bev Harris for many
months and have links to her web page. Thanks for proving
that even a cool intellectual has a heart.


The Despoiling of America


A dear friend of mine pointed me to one of your articles on Bush. I read
it pretty much in disbelief. Not that I've been a fan of the president.
I've lived in Texas since '80 and still don't know how he became governor.
By the time I finished the article things seemed just a little bit
clearer. After reading about yourself and the web page I decided to write
you. If my mother were still alive she'd probably move out west so she
could help you. She was a journalism major at TCU in the 40's.

So I've got a couple of questions. Has anyone besides covered this or
written articles? Has it been mentioned in the mainstream media and if so
what has been the reaction to it? Have you gotten any reaction from folks
like Rove or Robertson or any of them. Thanks for your hard work,

Riley Couger


[Editor's Note: Read our endnotes for documentation of the
article. Perhaps the leading web site is Theocracy Watch at: There are
hundreds if not thousands of references to mainstream media
articles. Two of the most recent articles that we discovered
following our posting of "Despoiling" are
: Steve Erickson's
"George Bush and the Treacherous Country" LAWeekly
February 13-19, 2004 and see Jeffrey Sharlet's, "Jesus Plus
originally from Harper's Magazine, March 2003.
And see "Meet 'The Family'" by Anthony Lappe, of
Guerrilla News Network, June 13, 2003
interview with
Jeffrey Sharlet
. As for reactions, your's is as good as ours.]


The Despoiling of America


Your Dominionism expose is terrifying, meticulously researched
and eloquently presented. My particular discomfort is the unholy
alliance between the Robertson/Scalia clerical fascists and the ilk
of Jewish intellectuals who would blithely inspire and plot with those
who would destroy them once the Dominion is established.

Yakima, Washington


The Despoiling of America


With great interest I have read your article on the "Dominionization"
of the US under the Georgites. In 1996, under a pseudonym
(Johnathan Westminster, a play on the name of Jack London,
author of The Iron Heel [1906]), I (self-) published a book called
The 15% Solution: A Political History of American Fascism,
A fictional future history, the story starts with the
election in 2000 of a not-too-bright Republican totally beholden
to the Republican Religious Right. Under his Administration and
its successors, the Christian Right does exactly what it by that
time had already told it would do if it ever got to power.

S. J. M.D. Professor of Preventive Medicine


Timely and Important Articles


I just found your site, following a link from BuzzFlash,
and I must say it is a pleasure and a delight to “meet” you and your mother.
Thank you for doing these timely and very important articles
(I haven’t read all of them yet, but love what I’ve seen so far).

Mark D.

Wilmington, NC

The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004


Bless you Ms. Yurica for your posting about the Constitutional bill
before congress. I am literally, literally in shock. I was aware of
these evangelical types, what with Pat Robertson saying we need
to nuke our State Department and all, and what they want to do to
America and to our way of life. The mere proposal of this bill is a
direct assault on America. It is literally treasonous to introduce this
bill and not be an enemy of the Constitution of the United States.
They want to vote the Constitution away. I am very thankful you
pointed this out, especially from the link on Atrios (which you may
or may not be happy given the amount of traffic you will now get)
and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!




The Constitution Restoration Act of 2004


So what happens if a judge in one jurisdiction believes in the New
Testament god and a judge in another jurisdiction believes in the Old
Testament god? If they both rule on the same case in exact opposite ways,
who resolves the issue? The Supreme Court can't.

It seems that a few liberal judges could cause as much trouble for the
right as the conservative judges could for the left. Am I wrong that this
would lead to legal spaghetti? Horrifying as this law is, even if it passes
it won't be possible to ensure every judge in the nation is a god-fearing
person of the "proper" denomination. There'll be some that will make
decisions abhorrent to the right that can't be reviewed.



On Your Website in General


Just a quick note to congratulate you on a magnificent website and to URGE
you to keep up the great work - both of you. It's times like these that
thorough truth is needed, and your site provides such in abundance.

Thank You.

Niall Clancy


Ellen Mariani's RICO lawsuit


I think Joe Wilson has a better chance of succeeding by filing a
civil suit aginst the Whitehouse.

You probably remember Joe Wilson's wife who was outed by
Cheney and the gang.

I think the court will dismiss Ellen's suit for lack of evidence.
Yes, there are circumstantial evidences but it lacks concrete
materials unless Phil Berg can secure evidence that NORAD
received orders from the Whitehouse to stand down on 9-11-01.
I am sure there were communications between the Whitehouse
and NORAD and it is no accident that [the] NORAD Commander
on 9-11 is now the Joint Chief of Staff, General Richard Meyers.

In fact, a civil suit against Richard Meyers may make more sense. Phil
Berg needs to go after the small fish first.


Editor's note: we said that Ellen Mariani's case must survive motions
for dismissal and motions for summary judgment.
Phil Berg's intention
of deposing Saddam Hussein appears to be off the mark.


About President Bush


President Bush Is the right man for this time in History.
They said the same thing about Winston Churchill before
WW2. How do you explain Tony Blair's take on it. He
also feels he did the Right thing. Liberalism is not realistic,
it's idealistic, it only looks good on paper. We must continue
the fight. We are entering a dangerous period for western
civilization. I may be more conservative in my thinking
but I read everything and I come back with the same
conclusion. Islamic Fundalmentalism is the problem,not Bush.

Read Kenneth Pollack " The Threatening Storm" he served
in Clinton's administration. Also Thomas Friedman, New
York Times pulitzer prize winning colunmnist. All agreed
with the same policy. The Truth will come out. Bush will
prevail. America will prevail.

Margaret M Stein


Get the Truth Out


Someone has to get some of the truth out. Good job

Cole K


Iraq and Appointees


Naomi Klein: "Iraqi sovereignty will be established by appointees
appointing appointees to select appointees to select appointees.
Add the fact that Bremer was appointed to his post by President
Bush and Bush to his by the US Supreme Court, and you have the
glorious new democratic tradition of the appointocracy: rule by an
appointee's appointee's appointees' appointees' appointees' selectees."


Greg Burton


More on AARP

Thank you Katherine Yurica. Consumers need more of your
intelligent and factual articles. As a geezer, Iam truly dismayed
at what appears to be the final stages of a process, spear-headed
by AARP CEO William Novelli, to make AARP another PAC
(albeit not directly supplying funds) for the Republican Party.
The irony and sad reality, of course, is that older/low-income
consumers can reconcile being a member of AARP, but
can not/should not afford themselves to the Republican Party.
Thanks Again.


charlie m.


What Did Clinton Do to Alert the Country? A
Criticism of John Dean


Dear Mr. Dean:

Perhaps you can explain why this is so relevant, when William
Clinton was President when all three of your "bullet points"
were revealed to the White House. What did the "forthcoming"
Mr. Clinton do to alert the country and/or prevent such an attack?

Very truly yours,

James E. Fish

Editor's Note: Mr. Clinton's National Security Advisor
handed Ms. Rice, (Mr. Bush's new National Security Advisor),
a complete report on the Al Qaeda threat. Ms. Rice denies
being briefed and did not read Mr. Clinton's report.


AARP's Treachery Exposed


As a long time member of AARP I'm outraged that the right
wing members of the Republican party have taken over AARP.
Anyone that is paying attention should also be outraged by the
fraud and deceit that William Novelli has brought to this one time
defender of the elderly of this country. It's not surprising that this
sort of immoral behavior is beginning to be the norm with Bush
and his band of stormtroopers. They are on their way to destroying
the environment, our economy and our relationship with the rest
of the world. If the old KGB had decided that they wanted to
bring down the US of A, they couldn't have done a better job
than Bush has and is still doing.

I'm not only canceling my membership but also their health

How can the republicans believe that big business interests
are more important than the health and welfare of our people?

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. A. Motta


Correction to "AARP's Treachery Exposed:
Exactly what they did to destroy the original
concept of Medicare"


Your useful analysis cites our 10/31 report on the Medicare bill,
saying that 67.7 percent of the $228 billion in Medicare dollars
that will be spent to buy more prescriptions will remain in drug
makers' hands as profits, for a rise in profits of $154.4 billion
over eight years.

But those estimates came from midway through the calculations
in our report (posted at
Drug manufacturers will indeed enjoy massive new profits
on the higher volume of prescription drugs they can sell for
Medicare patients, because the cost to produce additional
pills is tiny. But offsetting part of that increase will be any
reduction in their profits arising because some prescription
drugs now sold at full price would be bought at some
discount under the law.

So, subtracting our estimates of the reduced profits the
industry can expect on existing sales, we concluded,
"Drug makers' net increase in profit is estimated at
$139.2 billion over the eight year early life of the program.
This rise in drug makers' profit constitutes fully 61.1 percent
of the $228 billion in Medicare dollars used to buy
additional prescription drugs..." That means, we estimate,
that this law will boost drug manufacturers' average annual
bottom-line profits by more than one-third.

Alan Sager, Ph.D. and Deborah Socolar, MPH
Directors, Health Reform Program
Boston University School of Public Health


Editor's Note: The Yurica Report has made the changes
to correct the figures in "AARP's Treachery Exposed" and
we apologize to you and our readers for the error.


Rogue Congress is being Watched


Your documentation of corruption is excellent, and your assertion
proven and sustained that the legislation was coerced and unconstitutional,
so how can you justify saying...

"I hold the greatest respect for those members—of both parties—who
have served and worked honorably."

?? What is there to "respect" and where is the "honor"? They deserve none!
Enough acquiescance to this bribery and corruption! Respect is for the law
and justice, not for criminals who break it. This criminal Congressional mob,
that operates like the Mafia (except the Mafia does not pretend to represent
justice) ought to be purged and fired, its members all punished. "Treason"
comes to mind, and it carries a stiff penalty. Ironically, when Shadow
Government is invoked their completely arbitrary and lawless manner of
"representation" (misrepresentation) will immediately cease! Maybe that
is why they do what they do.....while they still can. At least pure dictatorship
is more honest!

Let these dishonorable criminals in Congress know that their activities
are watched and patriots will remember!

They will be dealt with accordingly. Justice does catch up.


Tue Dec 30 03:54:56 2003


Frequent Flier Donations Help Our Soldiers Get Home

Here is a site established to expedite sending care packages to Iraq.
Suggestions are conveyed from soldiers in the field to you, concerning
what they need most.

There's a link there from, a site for transferring
frequent flier miles to allow soldiers to come home.

The scary part is what our soldiers don't have. Like hot meals, warm
gloves, basic first aid kits, feminine hygiene necessities, electrical
power. The smart bombs look good on t.v., but I get the impression
that thousands of troops are over there with no plan, no support, and
no contact. Read the site.

Roger Q Callaway
North Carolina

[Editor's Note: We support our troops if not the war. If anyone has
had a negative experience with either of these sites, let us know.]



Don't Let the Widow From New York Be the
Only Brave Soul to Stand Up

My name is Peter Phippen, a 12 year resident of New London,
NH, formerly co-coordinator with Jim Romer for the Upper
Valley of West-Central New Hampshire Kucinich Campaign,
but found myself unable to continue in that capacity for various
important reasons, some personal/family related, others
directly related to the Kucinich Campaign.

I still support Dennis' campaign, but have found it impossible
to continue to volunteer for a Presidential contender not willing
to do the right thing, in this case, to carry forward, as part of
the campaign, and central to its message, that the current
administration is totally corrupt and must be replaced for the
sake of all US Citizens and all Citizens of the World -
The right thing in this case, is to file charges with the appropriate
US Federal Court, that the Bush-Cheney Enterprise is
operating and has operated since before, during and after
the stolen election in 2000, as a Racketeer Influenced
Corrupt Organization, (RICO). I handed Dennis the report,
from the Yurica Report website, which outlines the various
illegal and prosecutable crimes committed by the B-C Enterprise.

It is the right thing to do and must be done by a Democratic
contender in order to galvanize the party, create the needed
momentum to beat GWB in 2004, and to garner the dollars
and votes necessary to carry the nomination, and most
importantly, to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in
the person of Howard Dean. With the RICO platform
and the ability to not only beat Bush at the polls but to
prosecute his gang of theives after the dust has settled in
Jan. 2005, we will have a true Champion of the people,
but without putting TEETH in Dennis' constant accusations
of lies and corruption by the White House, he is not even
recognized by his own party!!!!

The healing must begin...don't let the widow in NYC be
the only one brave enough to really stand up to the B-C's.
I presented the idea and importance of this tactic to Dennis
back in late August, who immediately shrank away and said,
"this is not what my candidacy is all about.." But I am
dumbfounded by that statement, and the stance. Politically
he has nothing to lose and everything to gain. He will have
to at some point be the point man for this type of prosecution,
whether it is before or after the 2004 election, why not damn
the torpedos, full speed ahead?!!! Sanity must intervene again,
and open his eyes to the potential for this to work for him, the
campaign, and the country, it IS the correct and much needed
balance to this time we live in. Thank you Katherine Yurica for
your courageous and timely work! Your last name could read
Yureka! for some yet unknown Presidential hopeful, if only...

Sincerely - Peter Phippen New London, New Hampshire


Voting Action


I read your articles with a jolt of excitement. Our country NEEDS to
pursue the course of action you’ve suggested.

Eric Smith

[Editor's note: Eric Smith has written an extensive article on
voting fraud with excellent references to web sites. You may
read his thoughtful article by clicking here.]


Arnold Punches Workman's Compensation


As a 13-year workers' compensation practitioner, I had to let you know
that I thought your article was acurate information and honest. The
republicans want to gut the system to the extent that injured workers
won't even be able to get lawyers to represent them because the level
of benefits will be too low for a lawyer to want to take
on. Thanks for being there.

Joanna in Concord


Arnold Punches Workman's Compensation

Great Story, but what did you expect from a guy who immigrated under
a false visa, started working without a work visa, social security number,
business license, and then brought in his illegal immigrant buddy, Franco
Columbo (Another Mr. Universe from Italy). Then he hired illegal Mexican
helpers, paid them sub-minimum wages, with NO benefits, fired them if
they got sick. It is also documented that he and Columbo would damage
the brickwork of a prospective customer during their estimate figuring
and point out the problem to the unsuspecting homeowner, and suggesting
that it needed immediate attention. The guy is a crook, a liar, a pervert,
an exploitive employer, and typical of the so-called "Compassionate
Conservative Republican." What amazes me is how ignorant the California
electorate is to have elected him.

Bill Short


Arnold Punches Workman's Compensation


This article is so bogus, it does not tell you that 70% of all Workmens'
Compensation claims are bogus. That's the real problem.

Max VanNatter


Arnold Punches Workman's Compensation


Thanks for the report on the Terminator's plans. I'm sending it out to as
many people as I can.

John Moody
Studio City, CA


Arnold Punches Workman's Compensation


The jerks in CA elected him so they deserve everything they get
He is there to deliver CA to Bush in 2004 so maybe they will wise
up before then???????





I certainly hope that your report gets lots of publicity.

Lardot McGee




Great work, and I'm with you all the way (see my site) but there's a
problem with your posting on the AARP site.

When I clicked on the link to the PDF file, I got nothing - no

I'm wondering if AARP didn't somehow set a block of some sort on their
server, but I don't know if this is possible.

PS: I'll be adding info on your post and how to get the pdf as an
update item in my blog. Keep it up.


Hal Pawluk



Devastating analysis. As the former CEO of a survey company, I can say
that had I done something like that I would have been drummed out of the
research community and banished!



I had decided several years ago that AARP management did not
fairly reflect membership's views, this latest conflict verifies it.
The AARP management ignores suggestions from the membership,
therefore 5 years ago I ignored their pitch to renew.

William G. Sandlin Jr.



Maybe you can set up an online way to let members of AARP who
have a Visa or MasterCard through AARP know to cut up our cards
and mail them back to AARP . They will get the message then, how unhappy
we are. Lets hit them in the pocketbook!

Mary Myers



Editor's Note:
One of our readers emailed us this article:


Minneapolis Star Tribune: AARP Took a Poll

Published November 26, 2003


The AARP caught a lot of people by surprise -including millions
of its own members - when it endorsed the Republican Medicare
bill last Nov. 18. So the nation's biggest lobbying organization for
elderly Americans did the obvious: The next day it commissioned
a poll of retired people and asked if they supported the bill. By
Nov. 20, the numbers were in: 75 percent of people polled said
Congress should pass the bill if it helped retirees with low incomes
and catastrophic prescription drug costs. What the AARP did not
say was that 62 percent of respondents in the poll either hadn't read
the bill or didn't understand its details. Those who have read the
bill say it will help some retirees with low incomes, while hurting
others. It will help some retirees with catastrophic drug costs, while
leaving huge coverage gaps for others.




When I heard, almost a week ago, that AARP itended to endorse the Republican
plan to shower further subsidies on already bloated pharmaceutical and
insurance corporations, and to keep the price of prescription drugs as high
as possible, I wrote the below letter to the organization. The Kansas AARP
did not answer me but instead forwarded my question to the flak catchers at
National in D.C. I've included their response directly below.

I also am attaching an analysis of ads for these industries in the AARP
, done after I did not receive a response but before I found out
that between 1/3rd and 2/3rds of all their revenues come from this sector.
I found that over 20% of all page and tearout content was industry financed.

Thanks for your excellent commentary regarding same.

Frank Smith
Bluff City, KS 67018

AARP Response Letters


Thank you for contacting AARP about our position in the current debate
on Medicare coverage of prescription drugs. As you may know, AARP
has endorsed the bipartisan Medicare bill offered by the conference
committee, which includes a voluntary prescription drug benefit for
everyone in Medicare.

We believe that millions of older Americans and their families will be
helped by this legislation. The bill is not perfect, but the
legislation represents an historic breakthrough and important
milestone in the nation's commitment to strengthen and expand health
security for its citizens at a time when it is sorely needed.

The bill will provide the following:

- Prescription drug coverage at little cost to those who need it most:
people with low incomes, including those who depend on Social Security
for all or most of their income;
- Substantial relief for those with very high drug costs, and modest
relief for millions more;
- A substantial increase in protections for retiree benefits; and
- New mechanisms to push down prescription drug prices.

An unprecedented $88 billion will encourage employers to maintain
existing health retiree benefits. The legislation will also help speed
generic drugs to market and add important new preventive and chronic
care management services. This legislation helps to protect poor
seniors from future soaring prescription drug costs.

AARP is a strong advocate for expanding Medicare to cover prescription
drugs, but your help can make us even stronger. We encourage you to
call and to write your elected representatives immediately, to let him
or her know that you support measures that add an adequate, affordable
prescription drug benefit to Medicare.

Addresses for written correspondence are:

The Honorable (name) The Honorable (name)
U.S. Senate U.S. House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20510 Washington, D.C. 20515

For the latest information about the Medicare Prescription Drug
Legislation visit

I hope this information is helpful to you.

Member Service

On Tue, 18 Nov 2003 12:27:45 -0500 you wrote:

Please respond and copy the state office.

-----Original Message-----
From: AARP, KS
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2003 11:22 AM
To: Turner, Maren
Subject: FW: Rx Medicare bill

Would you care to respond to this gentleman?

Janet Clearwater
Senior Office Administrator
AARP Kansas
(785) 234-1366

-----Original Message-----
From: Frank Smith
Sent: Monday, November 17, 2003 3:29 PM
Subject: Rx Medicare bill


I have been an AARP member for about 15 years in two states.
I am somewhat confused. I read yesterday, I think, that AARP
national had withheld its endorsement of the Medicaid Rx bill in the absence
of details about it. But I have felt there has been little likelihood
that it would contain an Rx benefit which would actually help most retired
recipients. I think I also heard on NPR that something like 61% of
the benefits would not go to seniors, but would instead be still another
corporate welfare subsidy for the bloated pharmaceutical and
insurance industries which did so much to put George W. Bush in office.
On the AARP website today, there is little clarification of these issues,
save to say that privatizing Medicare would be put off until a "test" in
2010. This bill must be enormously complex. How could AARP
thoroughly analyze it in just a matter of hours?

Regarding this issue, I wear two hats. I am on the E-Board of an
Alaska public employee union's retirement chapter that has some 1,000
members. I am also a member of the Kansas Silver Haired Legislature,
representing Harper County.

Today, I've heard and read that AARP National is endorsing the
"compromise." But the membership of the conference committee was
carefully crafted by the congressional majority leadership acting in
the interest of PhRMA in particular, rather than in the interests of the
elderly. Sen. Baucus has been known to give away the store on many
issues where the minority was overwhelmingly opposed. Sen. Breaux,
if memory serves, has long been showered with contributions from overtly
piratical corporations like Schering-Plough.

I therefore have little confidence that the bill which has come out
of conference addresses the real needs of seniors. A correspondent from
Wellington wrote me last night that she feels it will be a death
sentence for her, as she expects it will supercede her present
coverage which has kept her alive while waiting for a kidney transplant. I
expect she may plunge into the depths of the "donut hole," should she make
it that far.

Speaking of Wellington, according to the interactive AARP website,
there is no chapter located within 50 miles of our home. That would
include the area from Enid, Oklahoma, to Arkansas City and Wellington, to
Pratt and Medicine Lodge. So how are the enormous number of seniors
remaining in these south-central counties in the middle of a once-thriving
agricultural area to express their collective opinion to the national
body? Senior citizens in our communities comprise almost 30% of our


Frank Smith
Bluff City, Harper County




It looks to me like the is sleeping with the enemy!!
However I guess the insurance industry is providing a great
deal of the money that the fat cats are living on so what can
we seniors expect? If the drug companies sell to Canada and
Mexico at reduced prices, then they should be required to
sell to the U S for the same prices.!!!!

Robert Stimmel



Medicare Vote and AARP


The editors of the Yurica Report know more about good
and evil in America and duh world than anyone I know--
even me. In fairness the Yurica Report also provides links to the
bad guys (and girls). What a web site!!! I was up to the wee
hours watching the House of Reps destroy Medicare. I knew
that when they kept the vote open for hours after the "fifteen
minute" vote deadline, that they would turn the two-no-vote-
margin around to an eventual five vote "yes" margin.

AARP is a Republican judas goat. Non-profit like hell!

Your fans in Yakima

Bob and Gloria Schultz




AARP is a rip-off for the elderly, and always has been.
Their brochures eliciting new patronage are ridiculous.
The people who buy this stuff are so uninformed and
misguided; they think that being with aarp must be a real
bargain. The bargain is for aarp, and the people who collect
the big profits from the sale of their meager benefits. The
benefits are just not there and anybody who reads the fine
print can see it. It is laughable. aarp is just another enron,
packaged a little different.

Ruth Cline




Dear Editor:
Thank you for this analysis. I'm going to forward it to
Dianne Feinstein, who is inclining toward voting in favor of the bill.
By the way, re: "For AARP to turn that around and say that 75%
of its members ..." -- Based on a sample of 494??? Oy. Nobody
called me!

Debby Morse





Dear Sirs. The republicans have hated Medicare from
its beginning. How can AARP approve and endorse a bill
that is suppoted by drug interests and people such as those
politicians or former politicians who have stated they want
to see medicare "die on the vine"? I have cancelled my
subscription but I doubt if it will help us old folks. AARP
makes big money from its drug sales and advertising from
big business.

Paul and Margaret Marnell




Katherine Yurica's article was so refreshing, so right on and
would have been very funny if the truth about the AARP wasn't
so harmful. Good great work.....that article should
be on the front page of America's sadly will
probably only make it in the Toronto Star:)

Thank you....keep up the good work.

Anthony Spanovic
Bethel, Alaska


AARP's CEO: Novelli--A New Dictator?


In addition to the manipulated and dishonest poll conducted
by the AARP, it should be noted that recently the AARP Board
unilaterally changed their by-laws which now only allows Board
Members to vote on anything.

Hank McCann


Voter Receipts

I don't see how this can work unless everyone participates. If only a
small percentage of voters do it, won't the results will be meaningless?

The Voters News Service exit polling predicted Al Gore won Florida
comfortably. They were right. No one suspected they were correct and the
election results were the phony numbers.

Terry Collins



Regarding the filibuster question raised by Vikram Amar, I think it is
interesting to note that it is always the majority party, when it
can't get what it wants that threatens to overturn the filibuster. The
next time there is a Democrat President with a Democrat majority in the
legislature, the Republicans will be touting the virtues of the

It is because of this fickleness and the need to balance the imbalance
in power when one party controls both the entire legislative and
presidential branches of power. That I believe is why the "rules" of
the senate, are designed to be entrenched and carried forth from
generation to generation. Imagine the chaos that would ensue, if each
term, the senate could completely revise it's rules. Imagine the effect
of having one party be able to make decisions, with little or no
effective debate. I can't believe that was the intent of the writers
of the constitution.

Andy Malkiel
Boulder, CO


One Reader's Action Plan

I have started the Buy-Nothing-On-Fridays movement.
This is how it works:

You will tell your friends and family and colleagues
who do not use the net, to avoid buying anything on Fridays.
You and everyone you speak to will tell their merchants
that we do not support the chimp and we're going on a
purchasing strike on every Friday until the Nov 2004 election.
You also tell them that you hope they will do everything they
can to help vote the chimp out and their republican congresspeople
out in 2004. You will tell your friends, family and merchants
"If the chimp steals another election or somehow wins, you will
also avoid purchasing items on Thursday and this will inflict more
punishment on them for not doing enough to unseat the chimp in
the 2004 election.

Petition: Tell Congress we want a presecription drug benefit under
Medicare Part B (put this link in a browser at work and at a public
library and leave the page showing. Make it a browser favorite too) Location:

Boycott the LA Dodgers, Arnold's movies, the Viper Car Alarm, and
Disneyland until Arnold resigns leaving Cruz Bustamante to serve as
Governor. Spread the word.

Browse and send them email from
their website telling them to get Arnold to resign or you will not
see their games.

makers of the Viper Car Alarm once owned by Darrell Issa
and email them from their website that you will not buy the
Viper Car alarm.You will not go to this businesses until Arnold
Schwarzenegger resigns leaving Cruz Bustamante to take
office as Governor.

Stop the Republican Texas redistricting effort.
Call JC Penney Corporate Headquarters in Plano, Texas
and tell them unless they get Governor Goodhair Perry to stop
redistricting until 2010 when it should happen again, you will not
set foot in another JC Penney Store again. Call them at 1-800-322-1189

"The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises
in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for

- John Kenneth Galbraith (1908 - )


Simple. So let it get written, so let it get done.

Dennis Baer


Query on the Credentials of Writers on the Yurica Report


While I appreciate what Walter E. Davis has to say in his article, I do not
find him listed on the Kent State University list of Faculty and Staff.

Please explain.

And what is the background of Katherine Yurica?

I'm not trying to be difficult. I just want to know the sources associated
with the information on your web site.

Gary W. Priester


Editor's Note: We did check to see if Dr. Davis is on the Kent State
faculty. He not only teaches at the university but he is an outstanding
civil liberties activist on campus. We have, however, realized that we omitted
any description of Katherine Yurica's background on most of the
articles she has written for us. We have corrected this omission and
placed a short blurb following each article she wrote.


Dress in Black and Turn Your Back


The above title is for a mild form of protest, but it can be a very
symbolic statement to the current administration.

What it is is a way to express one's opinion without saying a word,
strictly visual, nonconfrontational and peaceful.

Whenever the president or vice president are in a motorcade or appearing
somewhere near anyone who wants to participate all they have to do is show
up near the route or function wearing black or just a black t-shirt and
when the dignitaries pass by, have one's back to them. No words or symbols
on the back of the garment. Just plain black. Nothing need be said. Just
show them your back.

If enough people would do this there might be a mile of black backs to the
president. Without a word spoken, he would be told that we do not agree
with his administration. Just think if Dubya had to drive past a mile of
people standing still with their backs to him. He may consider it an
insult, but what it really means is that he is not worthy of a face to face
consideration or comment. This administration has not listened to the
people of this country and probably wouldn't listen to any voice that does
not ring with the sound of money.

It's a simple way of showing disgust and contempt for him and his

Put the word out and see if it catches on.
It would be nice to see it happen on a large scale.

Thank you for your time and consideration.





I loved your article about Bush and his gang being brought down under
RICO. The Bush family is a world criminal organization. I never went to
law school only had a business law course (and a family full of them
who taught me about justice). I've always wondered how come Democrats
are so frozen in their steps by this outrageous administration that robs
our treasury and our democracy and in plain veiw uses 9\11 (which they
stood down and allowed to happen) as a hook. Your article is thoughtful
and took many hours..thanks. There are still many Americans who want justice.

Judy Stevens


RICO: An excellent article.

Please keep up the good work. I just found Yurica
and added it to my favorites. The article on using the RICO
statute is outstanding. We must spread the word even if America
does not want to hear it. I have e-mailed your website to many
people and will continue to do so. Thanks again.

Bruce Pieroni



Amazing Pile of Excrement


Wow! Passed this web site on to some friends -- it's hysterical,
and I mean HYSTERICAL! Has discourse really gotten this low?

Ed Way

On Art

Truth and art belong together--and where are Goya
and Bruegel and Kollwitz when we need them?
Back in my young artist days I was baffled --where
had all the painters gone?--no one seemed to be
dealing with reality as in the hey day of the ashcan
school... I'm attaching a jpg of one of my paintings
-Celebration-because it fits with your comment...
[in "About Us."]

"So they live without protest, watching the Republican
party become the instrument of the religious right,
letting freedoms be torn away from the cloth—the
very fabric of our country, and they say nothing.
They will endure any hardship so long as they do
not have to take a stand against the violent and
corrupt among us."


Marcia MacMullan

Editor's note: You may view Marcia MacMullan's
painting by clicking here.

On Fraud Traced to the White House


You Rock!

I think the Yurica Report is doing an
awesome job! Thanks!!!! I'm sending
everyone I can think of your article and
the link to your site. Much continued
success to you.

Lisa Holcombe



On Fraud Traced to the White House


Thank You! Your research and ex-
planations are great. Too bad more people
in this country live on 'sound bites' and
are so undernourished and devoid of getting
truths. Please keep up your wonderful

Janie D. Collomb


Your Article is Garbage


Typical Marxist LIES. California had not built ONE
power plant in the 10 years preceeding the 'crisis'.
However, its population had grown by more than
40%! The crises is man-made alright - by Clinton,
Grey Davis and chickenshit treehuggers.

Why should we use your socialist solutions to prob-
lems you've MANUFACTURED.

We do not need you nor your DESCREDITED ideas.

Jim Johnson


Oil and War Fraud

Wow! What an excellent research of facts! Thank you--
just wish there were more people reading it and reacting...

Angie B.



On Fraud Traced to the White House


Great piece of work! Government: a tool for the
wealthy and well-connected.

Jack W.


War in Iraq and CA Energy Crisis


I read your article about the energy crisis and its
relation to the CA energy crisis.

It is a great article, and certainly is a good sum-
mation of many of the aspects of the attack on Iraq.

...I also think that a broader perspective is needed
to encompass other motives for the war, and to
leave it at the feet of energy barons and speculators
is too limited.

As early as 1996 the same states that are named in
the documents you mention are also on the wish list
of targets for the Likud party in Israel.

...I personally think it is a mistake to lead the majority
of people to believe that this war in Iraq, September 11
event and the consequent destruction of civil liberties
is due to a few old people drilling for oil.

[Ms. Yurica] is obviously a good researcher, so I can
only assume that you either focused solely on this one
avenue, oil, or you decided for your own reasons to
ignore other evidence.

Geoffrey Temple

[eds. note: The article was about fraud, who done it, and
who profited from it. The role other countries may have
played in encouraging the war was outside the scope of
the article.


On Fraud Traced to the White House


'Oily George' and 'Slippery Dick' along with the
Organization of Sinister People (OSP) and the whole
Plan for Naked American Conquest (PNAC) need to
be purged with disinfectant. Exile is the most appropri-
ate means to deal with this festering cesspool of lying,
cheating, swaggering, arrogant traitors. I would prefer
the gallows, but I believe disgrace and banishment
would be more in the realm of possibility.

Richard M.
Pittsburgh, PA



On Fraud Traced to the White House


I just read and analyzed Ms. Yurica's report, "Fraud
Traced to the White House." I am sitting here stunned.
Not about the details of the information--mainly be-
cause I am...aware of many parts of this scheme. I am
stunned at how Ms. Yurica has been able to connect
what seems to be all the dots--in a concise, flowing
manner. And to have that dropped on me causes me
tremendous grief over what has happened to our
country as a result of these greedy crooks. And how
all the facts are right there in black and white.

Portland, OR


On Fraud Traced to the White House


I keep wondering: Why don't I read about the
indictment of Kenneth Lay? Did I miss something?
Or is the White House protecting him?

Patty S.D.


On The Yurica Report Web Site

July 19, 2003

I just discovered your excellent site...keep up the heat,
...and the good work!

John Lamenzo
Santa Fe, NM



How to Detect Evil

I wasn't familar with M. Scott Peck's book until I
read about it here--thanks.



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