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Pat Robertson, A Christian Reconstructionist?

A Parallel Column Comparison of R. J. Rushdoony's Words with Pat Robertson's

In Parallel Columns

by Katherine Yurica

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R. J. Rushdoony

From The Institutes of Biblical Law.


1. Vice Regents of God:

"The earth thus was created to be God's kingdom, and man was created in God's image to be God's vice-regent over that realm under God."



2. Dominionism is a Cultural Mandate:

"The cultural mandate is thus the obligation of covenant man to subdue the earth and to exercise dominion over it under God (Gen. 1:26-28) …All enemies of Christ in this fallen world must be conquered."



3. Submit or Be Crushed:

"If men are not regenerated by Christ, and if they will not submit to His calling, to the cultural mandate, they will be crushed by His power."





4. Biblical Law, Dominion A Basic Urge of Man's Nature:

"The purpose of regeneration is to re-establish man in his creation mandate, to exercise dominion and to subdue the earth. The purpose of the law is to give man the God-appointed way to dominion. The purpose of the call to obedience is to exercise dominion....Man was created to exercise dominion under God and as God's appointed vice-regent over the earth. Dominion is thus a basic urge of man's nature."




5. Submit and Inherit the Earth:

"The purpose of the new Adam is to undo the work of the fall, restore man as covenant keeper, make of man again a faithful citizen of the Kingdom of God, and enable man again to fulfill his calling to subdue the earth under God and to restore all things to God's law and dominion. Those who submit to this calling and dominion inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5) “The meek are the redeemed whom God has burdened, oppressed, and broken to harness, so that they are tamed and workable. (Emphasis added.)



6. Tangible Assets are an Aspect of Dominion:

"It is very necessary therefore to recognize that the urge to dominion is God-given and is basic to the nature of man. An aspect of this dominion is property…The Scripture, however, places property in the hands of the family, not the state. It gives property to man as an aspect of his dominion, as a part of his godly subduing of the earth."






The Institutes of Biblical Law, by R. J. Rushdoony, Nutley, NJ: Craig Press, 1973.


Pat Robertson
with Bob Slosser

From The Secret Kingdom

1. God's People Are to be Regents Over the Earth:

"Almighty God wants us to recapture the dominion man held in the beginning… Remember, at the time of creation man exercised authority, under God's sovereignty, over everything. He was God's surrogate, His steward or regent.


2. Dominion over Others Originates in the Bible:

"The genesis account uses two colorful words to describe this. One… we translate 'dominion. The word means to 'rule over' or 'tread down,' as with grapes…



3. Man Was Told to Subdue or 'Trample the Earth':

"The other word…is translated 'subdue.' Man was told to subdue the earth. The root means 'to trample under foot,' as one would do when washing dirty clothes. Therefore… we have in part the concept of separating good from evil by force.



4. God Gave Man the Power to Govern and the Right to Subdue:

"With the first word …God gives man the authority to govern all that is willing to be governed. With the second…He grants man authority over the untamed and the rebellious. In both instances, God gave man a sweeping and total mandate of dominion over this planet and everything in it.





5. God Intended the World to be Governed and Subdued by the Godly:

"….God's intention was that His world be governed and subdued by those who themselves were governed by God.





6. God Demands His People to Invest Their Capital:


"Despite our preconceived attitudes toward social justice, God's Law of Use controls the ultimate distribution of wealth. We must be willing to take the world as He made it and live in it to the fullest…[citing Matthew 25: 26-30, Robertson paraphrased the Bible] Perhaps he bought some commodities, sold them at a profit, and reinvested the entire amount…Regardless, he worked with his master's money and eventually doubled it …. It is clear that God is saying, 'I gave man dominion over the earth, but he lost it. Now I desire mature sons and daughters who will in My name exercise dominion over the earth and will subdue Satan, the unruly, and the rebellious. Take back my world from those who would loot it and abuse it. Rule as I would rule."


The Secret Kingdom by Pat Robertson with Bob Slosser, Bantam Books, New York, April 1984.
Copyright by Robertson and Slosser 1982.



The quotes of R. J. Rushdoony are cited with page numbers in Katherine Yurica's essay. Click here to go to the citations.

The quotes of Pat Robertson are from the chapter "The Law of Dominion," pages 198-201 and pages 122-124, of Robertson's The Secret Kingdom.


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