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Updated November 10, 2008


This web site is all about making a difference. If someone were to ask, could two women senior citizens change the course of the political atmosphere in America today? I would say, “Not a chance.” Yet after I built this web site—after I looked at the “images for a corrupt time,” I began to believe that with your help we can change the course of history. 


I’m not saying that my mother and I are special. We’re not. We are a mother daughter team. I’m the daughter—Katherine Yurica—(the two painted photos on the left). My mom, Kelly Leosis, is on the right. She’s in her eighties. I’m younger. Other important things about us: We drove our 1967 VW bug that I bought new in 1967 until April of 2005--that's 38 years. Then the poor old thing gave up the ghost. The Bug was yellow with light blue freckles where the paint had peeled away. It was bright yellow. And it did make people smile and wave! We used to wave back. Now we're driving a 1993 Subaru I bought in April. Everything works on it! And it's got all wheel drive! It's name is Beeep! She's adjusting to life with us and learning how to counsel me on all important decisions! She'll only use unleaded fuel, and she likes to have her face and windows washed once a day! She'd like you to know that we're just plain ordinary born again Christians!


Kelly. my mom, works as the editor of the Yurica Report whenever she can get around to it, which is getting more rare by the day, and I do the investigative analytical work. I also am the artist, designer and writer on this web site until we can attract other writers and other artists to join us in a quest to save the values that we hold dear and true.


Kelly was educated at UCLA with a B.A. in psychology in 1949. I was educated at East Los Angeles College where I was elected the first woman student body president and earned an A.A. degree in English. I received my B.A. in English literature at U.S.C. I also attended the USC School of Law, where I was elected the first woman class president in the U.S. In 1966, I began the study of art in Mexico. I was shaken as an artist as I saw what others did not see: America was in trouble. Specialization was creating an airless vacuum where responsibility could not grow. Viet Nam began with a lie and ended with young and beautiful soldiers coming home in body bags. We learned nothing as a people.


Today, even with the historic election of Barack Obama, there is still a foul wind in the air--an undercurrent of self-righteousness and religious bigotry--and hatred of minorities. We have lived without protest, watching the Republican party become the instrument of the religious right, letting freedoms be torn away from the cloth—the very fabric of our country, and most of us have said nothing. Satisfied with the twists and turns this country has made in the last eight years, the fiddlers fiddled, while America burned its resources, its dollars, its credibility, its young men and women, and the very heart of our Constitution.


With your help, we did and will change the winds blowing in this nation. Liberty and freedom belong to all Americans, not just to a selected elite. Rush Limbaugh and his ilk have spread poison all over America. It’s a worse poison than anthrax or nerve gas. Those poisons will only kill our bodies, but the poison of the right wing talk show hosts and the religious right can and does enslave the souls of a free people and destroys all that is good and pure and noble in this land.


My dear reader, I don’t have the foggiest notion of what to say to you that would cause you to help us by participating with us: read our articles, send us emails and let us know your opinions, tell all your friends to come and see what we’re doing, volunteer for an assignment, or if you have worked as a reporter, write a story for us. If you can’t think of a thing, then send us your prayers or best wishes—we can and will thrive on them. A little light displaces a lot of darkness.


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